Sep 27
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Cardiac Arrest

Had no earlier indication of a problem.  During a snow storm was clearing the driveway with a snowblower.  Snow was the wet variety, and the machine was not blowing the snow out, was just oozing out and spilling out.  Driveway is on a slight incline. Headed down towards the street,kind of pushing it until the bottom and turned around ,noticed wheels were not turning and pushed the blower up the hill.  Do not remember getting to the top, but apparently made it and then collapsed.  LUCKY,my son was helping me.  Saw me collapse and immediately started CPR.  Shouted to my wife who was inside the house to call 911.  I was taken to the local hospital emergency by ambulance, but the ER had trouble getting my heart going.  Was in the ICU unit of the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks awaiting surgery by a doctor in another hospital.  My apologize to the nurses and doctors in the ICU of the local hospital as I understand I was a terror. Pulled out the tubes etc from me to go to the bathroom and fell. Have to take a second and thank God for my son whom my doctors say "saved my life".   During another snowstorm was transported by ambulance to another hospital about 40 miles away. Within a couple of days, had a triple bypass.  Do not recall anything that transpired at the ICU unit, although I can recall the bump on my head from the fall. I can also remember the trip to the 2nd hospital during the snowstorm, and the recovery walks after the operation.  I was home after 10 days and surgery.
other then not remembering the ICU at all, now find my memory as being on or off with daily living.  After surgery and being home, couldn't remember days and dates and names and places.  It seems as time progresses, it gets better.  Now since hitting 80, question how much longer.

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  • Kerstin Wiggins
    Kerstin Wiggins,
    Popski, thank you so much for sharing your story! You are very lucky indeed! A family member recently had 2 strokes and she can't remember being in the hospital or anything that happened several weeks after her strokes. She is also struggling with day to day memory loss as well. Glad to hear that you've seen an improvement over time.
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