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Blue Baby & Disabled Union

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Born a "Blue Baby" in April 1979, had a Blalock Shunt, then in 1984 had a stroke due to a "transposition of the great vessels" open heart surgery complication which partially paralyzed my left side.

The movie Something the Lord Made about who truly invented the shunt is really really good. I think the movie The Music Within about how we got disability rights, and Accidental Genius a piece by great big story on Youtube should be seen by disabled people with their families and inspired these ideas. 

I joined because I think we as a group or unit have the ability to be productive and make positive things happen for ourselves and family members / caretakers while we are here.  If those of us kinda health and healthy family members do business with each other everyone benefits. What if a family member had the capabilities and wanted to raise pure bread dogs, birds, or fish as additional income.  As a group / Union we could buy and gift a dog or pair of whatever with some supplies if the person agrees to gift another pure bread animal and set up of equal value to another member at a later time.This can hopefully keep the charity going, connect people and animals, and create extra income without risking any ones disability benefits

My health is stable but have a bad heart and like most of us with higher health risks want to make the most of my time with what I have and make a difference 

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  • AmbassadorB

    Hi Vegas,

    What a great message and attitude!   Many folks, who have experienced "hits" on their path of life, have chosen to donate time and support to many different causes. Some of us probably "volunteer" because we recognize that we are really fortunate to be continuing on our path of life, and if we can pass some of this "spirit of hope" onto a hurting and needy soul, then this really becomes a reward for us.


    I have had a good share of "procedures" in the cardio world and appreciate the good fortune that I have had in being cared for by professional medical wizards. As a result of this personal experience I have opted to share my smart/lucky medical history  with those facing serious medical cardio challenges.  In my mind, there is no question but that this "support" has been helpful to those looking for support and encouragement.   Family pets are powerful supporters to hurting folks.   Their love and unquestioning loyalty have been long recognized as valuable for a prospective patient.   An association of "survivors' fostering the enhancement of loving pets and helping in getting them into the arms of the individuals who would truly benefit from the new relationship, is a "target" objective well worth discussion, study and development.   There must be  others that would agree with this concept.   

    Ambassador B

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