Aug 18
Redlou1972 , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Behaviour after a Stroke

My partner had a stroke in January this year which has affected his orthoptic love. This has left him partially sighted. To look at him you wouldn't think there was anything wrong, he is very lucky .

His behaviour is awful at times and its reduced me to tears on numerous occasions. He makes comments that he would never had uttered before and flies off the handle for the least wee thing. If it doesn't please him....if it's not suitable for him....bang....He shouts and swears at everyone.

I am now beginning to struggle. None of my friends understand and I've stopped speaking to them about it. I would appreciate any advise out there....this is all extremely new to me.
  • rozmataz79
    I urge you to find a support group. The hospital where your partner was cared for surely has information and should have given this to the patient before his discharge. People you meet there can understand and appreciate what you are going through and perhaps help you work through this difficult time. Your partner would probably benefit from a group of people who have suffered a stroke. Your lives have changed and you both need to work on ways to deal with those changes in a loving, supportive way. Good luck!
  • gadinaz
    Emotional Changes After Stroke Right after a stroke, a survivor may respond one way, yet weeks later respond differently. Some survivors may react with sadness; others may be cheerful. These emotional reactions may occur because of biological or psychological causes due to stroke. These changes may vary with time and can interfere with rehabilitation.
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