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Aortic Valve Replacement Not Once But Twice!

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My story started in 2003.

I went to see my doctor (GP) he did all of his tests and work ups then asked me to see a cardiologist.  Went in to be seen, had several tests ran for a 3-month time span. Diagnosis was Aortic Stenosis. I have 2 children at this time ages 7 and 4. All I can think about is whatever I need to have done has to get me to the age of 88 years or older. So fast tracked, had my aortic valve replaced with a mechanical valve, year was 2003. I felt much better. I was more energetic and loved my time with my kids. The only down fall was the Warfarin medication and its regulation. Several years passed and my symptoms were starting to reappear. This time I was more aware and went right in to see my cardiologist, and was told, I needed to have the mechanical replaced. I was devastated. I thought I would be the one and done person.  I finished out my school years and as soon, I was done with school I was checking into USC for my second valve replacement. All I could remember thinking is that I will be home in 5 days just like last time. That is what I was telling my now grown children. Little did I know, to even take in into my age as a factor! I ended up spending 14 days in the ICU and walked out with a pacemaker.

It has been four years since my second replacement and I am feel good again and looking forward to seeing my grandkids grow up. I have always tried to be as positive about this as I can and even with my students, whom one of which went through valve replacement the same summer I did. Every year I wear my Red Dress pin, which was given to me by a nurse named Maria at my doctors office the first February after my surgery in 2003. I will finally be attending my first Red Dress Luncheon this year and I am looking forward to it.

  • AHAASAKatie

    Beautiful picture!! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story with us!! Best Katie

  • aleks88

    Can I ask how old you were when you had the first replacement?

    Thank you! 

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