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Anyone on Tikosyn? How's the side effects

I went to another Dr. regarding my AFIB and that Sotalol was not helping me.  He recommended Tikosyn after he had researched my issues.  I'm trying to avoid jumping from one pot of boiling water to another pot of boiling water, so my question is, if anyone reading this has been on Tikosyn, can you please tell me how has it been for you?  thank you
  • mingo1
    I am not on this medication. Ask your doctor about Amioderone. I have been on it for the same AFIB problems for 15 years or more. Working great and not side effects except I have to check if any other new drugs interact with it. Oh, and of all things, I can not eat grapefruit or will have a really bad reaction. One thing I know is that most of these AFIB drugs need some time to let your body adjust. Hope it gets better. Take care.
  • ginny50
    Yes I have been taking it for a few years now and it has worked well for me was on sotalol also stopped working. The tikosyn has even put me back in sinus rythum at times. I recommend it
  • AHAASAKatie
    Good morning, I found a great patient ed piece on Medications for Arrhythmia, please let me know if this is helpful at all. Best Katie. http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/Arrhythmia/PreventionandTreatmentofArrhythmia/Medications-for-Arrhythmia_UCM_301990_Article.jsp#.WKsHom8rLIU
  • quilter
    My husband tried Tikosyn mid 2016. They kept him in hospital during trial because side effects can be deadly. They were. After 3rd dose he awoke from a nap in a sweat and sat up on edge of bed. The next thing he knew he was on the floor and the nurses were starting CPR. They got him back in bed and 30 minutes later they jolted him back, again. Doctor stopped his Tikosyn regimen and told him to never try to take Tikosyn or a long list of related drugs they gave him.
  • Grammy
    I've been on tikosyn for 2 years with good results. No side effects. Has helped with afib. Be sure you can get your Rx filled. Had difficulty finding a pharmacy that could dispense it. DON'T miss any doses. I carry extra with me at all times.
  • zubercm
    Hi was on Tikosyn only for a short time. Turns out my recurring episodes of AFIB were because of a severe leak in the mitral valve. I agree with "Grammy". Find out if your insurance covers the generic (begins with a d). Then find out which pharmacy carries it. They don't keep much on hand. And..keep those doses like the Dr. Says. I, too, carried some in my purse. Side effects..for me..tired. Good luck. Cathy
  • TimV
    I was on Tikosyn for about 4 years. You have to be in the hospital for the first 72 hours because it can make your heart just stop. If it hasn't affected you in 72 hours, you're mostly good to go. I can be expensive, my company change health insurers and I was paying $390 a month after manufactures coupon and insurance discount, then by October I'd hit my maximum out of pocket and it would be free. After 4 years, it just stopped working. And I went into a pretty severe downward spiral that I've only recently come out of. My electrocardiologist said it's a great drug... until it stops working. But that's the way with a lot of a-fib meds
  • 2Bhearty
    I have been on Ticosyn since November 2016, cant say i notice anything except maybe fatigue? Will help the AFIB, but in my case had to go on it after a month long bout of really bad AFIB 180 bpm, i was put in the hospital as this medication needs to be monitored very closely as to the proper dosage, but it was/is a temporary fix as i had to have a MAZE surgery done in January 2017, hope to be off this stuff in June....CVS carries it....
  • Skitzie

    Hi Fellow aFibbers

    My first episode was a yr and a half ago. Was successfully cardioverted a year ago this past May. Now I'm back in aFib.

    Doc wants to admit me on Tuesday to start on Tikosyn. From what I've read, it's a pretty scary drug. I really don't know what to do. I don't think I want to try it and end up in worse shape than I am.

    Thinking maybe I should try the cardioversion again. 

    Any suggestions are appreciated. 

    Wishing you all NSR!

  • Babypens

    I was started on Tikosyn in 

    May and haven’t noticed any side effects. I did go back into Afib a few days after being started on it and was cardioverted back. I had an ablation in June and things are going good now and I’m in NSR ( knock on wood). I’m still on Tikosyn and see my EP next month for post ablation follow up and we’ll see what he says then. Right now I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. 

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