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An app to help you manage your blood pressure

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LeCardio is a comprehensive cardio health solution. It is based on results of clinical research conducted by many renown medical institutions around the world. These results consistently demonstrate that hypertension coaching is an astounding, yet affordable instrument for lowering blood pressure.

LeCardio combines support, guidance, encouragement, and expertise from coaches, peers, and medical doctors to deliver controlled blood pressure. Our mission is to leverage emerging technology to eradicate high blood pressure and its terrible consequences for families around the world.

The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with coaches and doctors around the world.
     Here is the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.streamly.lecardio


  • AHAASAKatie
    Thank you for posting this. The AHA also has quite a few HPB management tools as well, http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/HighBloodPressure/High-Blood-Pressure-or-Hypertension_UCM_002020_SubHomePage.jsp . I am curious as to what our other members think, do you find apps and online resources beneficial?
  • robertrex

    Absolutely Marvelous, LeCardio Digital Health is one of the best, flexible, reliable & portable health solutions for controlling blood pressure, which is an almost a difficult task nowadays. I am working with a mobile app development company in New York & would like to thank all members who participated in the development of such a big milestone. It is my personal experience that the development process of medical related mobile apps often complex and usually takes much time and dedicated efforts as compared to the ordinary apps.

     Have a beautiful day,


    Robert Rex

  • wistech

    LeCardio Digital Health is the best health solutions for controlling blood pressure and other health issues. I'd recommend other health care providers to develop a mobile app or adopt this one.

  • tegantodd

    I hate that shows forth, not in heroic verse, and be ye yourselves with the same knowledge of the patient with the doctor deems otherwise. But if you ask a copy of a letter from you, and not in full will receive it. 2 copies of each scan is necessary that they should have come. Why do you not, where is the general healthcare app where it is completely illustration?

  • emily2019

    Hi Adrien,

    LeCardio Digital Health is the leading health solutions for controlling human blood pressure and other issue related to human health. I would like to recommend that other health agencies or providers should consider custom mobile app development.

  • adammatin078

    Thanks for your fabulous post! Like this you will alway update this type of health related information with us. Health is the most of primary concern in any country. I also recommended to all health provider to make a website design for promoting their health farm that help the people.

  • adamcarey078

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  • stevenclark

    "I suppose this can be one amongst the most effective solutions. This app doesn't solely record my vital sign levels however conjointly has many alternative health recordings. What i prefer regarding this can be however they need graphs Mobile App Development Company in USA therefore you'll be able to see however fluctuant your levels area unit however conjointly show you the numbers therefore you'll be able to see specifically whats occurring. "

  • Anuitex
    It's good that applications are created that allow you to monitor your health. I would really like to have no need for such applications and software and all people to be healthy. But while this is not possible, we must improve and develop healthcare software that will save ordinary people.


  • jonathan97

    I'm using this app and I'm pretty satisfied because they help me the managing and control blood pressure and it's a really helpful app to check the blood pressure anytime instead of visiting the hospital.

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