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After a heart attack

I suffered a heart attack back in 2010 at the age of 47. I had 100% blockage on one of my arteries and was approx. 1 to 1 1/2 hour before a stent was put in. I was informed later that I had lost approx 10% of my heart muscle but my heart function was still good. Since shortly after release from Hospital I have been experienceing fatigue . For 6 yrs now I have been unable to get a diagnosis or explanation for my symptoms which in turn have gotten to the point of chronic fatigue . I have not been able to work for the last 3 yrs and without a diagnosis can't get social security help either. I am so tired and depressed with the medical field which I am sure adds to my fatigue problem!!! I pretty much have given up on  Dr.s and the "system" .
  • Free2Day
    Sorry to hear of your situation but celebrate your heart attack survival. Since it's been 3 years that you've been out of work...i wouldn't wait any longer to file for your SSDI (disability claim) as well as should acquire a SSDI attorney..(SSDI pays for the attorney not you) and tell him your situation of being depressed and fatigue. You can receive disability for the depression alot faster than for a heart attack or heart failure. (go figure). Hope this helps...oh and be in for a looong ride but it's worth it especially at your age......
  • purple heart
    purple heart,
    You should also get you Enjection Fraction from a echocardiogram. This will tell you if you are in heart failure which can cause fatigue. Heart medicine can also cause low energy! I hope you get som help and feel better soon!
  • gman4l60e
    Thank you for the words of encouragement Free 2Day, I filed a claim over 2 yrs ago (with an attorney) and have been denied twice so far , last after my day in appeals court. My lawyer has filed a appeal against the judge for not following the law so still waiting on that but not counting on to many eggs to hatch if ya know what I mean lol. The laws in this country are Severely flawed when it comes to SSDI for sure!
  • gman4l60e
    Thank you purple heart for you concern. I have been going to heart dr's ,yes plural because all they want to do is check you heart and say your heart seems good is not the problem , ok now go home . Never yet have I had one suggest an alternative explanation for my chronic fatigue or send me to a specialist of any kind. I was a transmission specialist ( rebuilder ) and a diagnostic tech in the automotive field for over 30 yrs and never did I ask a customer " well can I have 6 yrs to figure out what's wrong with your car , and If I don't figure it out you still owe me Big Money LOL!" Medical assembly line is what you get these days at least around here !
  • yarn007
    I too have had fatigue post heart attack. I blame part of it on the beta blocker. Non heart doctor said it was depression related and medication was changed and that helped out a bit. What turned out to be an interesting contributor to my fatigue is that my iron level is low. Like not even in the range of where it should be. Even with supplements (daily) I am only 1 number into lowest range of where you should be on the iron test. So, if you haven't had it done make sure to get your iron level checked you might be in for a bit of a surprise. Meanwhile take care and good luck with your fight for disability. I have heard from many people that third time is a charm when fighting for SSDI.
  • cdameron
    I think the hardest thing to handle after a heart attack is the uncertainty of not returning to good health. My heart attack was in 2016, I was told I would get back to normal and then was told I wasn't getting well fast enough! I had the fatigue and a pain in my chest that couldn't be explained. Fortunately, I was old enough to retire from my full time teaching job though I really wasn't ready to. No fight to get my SSI because I was 70. The fight has been feeling better taking all of the same medication that is always prescribed with all of the side effects that go with them. Three stress tests in just over a year and no particular answers. I never went to rehabilitation which I believe was a big mistake... It was never offered to me for some unknown reason. After the last testing session I added to my exercise with additional walking... some days up to 7,000 steps. I also get enough sleep 8-9 hours a night. I have also lost 25 lbs. What I have found is that I feel better. Some days I have to push myself because I get tired. But not as tired as I was getting. Now I am not going to say this will work for you but it couldn't hurt. If you have not done rehab because your doctor didn't order it or you couldn't do it, look in to it now. The other thing is know that whatever is going on with your body isn't somehow your fault. I have found that there is no one way to handle health because it is individual. One type of medication or treatment doesn't fit all... It is a giant experiment to decide what works with you. Please don't give up on SSDI keep applying. In my years in Special Education I helped lots of distraught parents with disabled children get the Social Security they needed for treatment. Not surprisingly, some who really didn't need it got it. I would think the same applies to adults who apply. I was surprised when I asked my cardiologist for a handicapped placard and he said, "you don't have a diagnosis that would require that"! To say the least I wondered what he was talking about... a heart attack doesn't qualify you for a little consideration? Needless to say, I didn't get one. I am able to handle the walks in to stores right now but the summer will be hard because of the 110 degree heat in Phoenix and the lovely beta blocker I am taking. Anyway, hang in there and don't give up. Keep applying for SSDI... persistence will pay off. Blessings on your weekend!
  • Angie66048
    Question:. Have they checked you through Echocardiagram to see if your 3 branch bundles are functioning? With me, I have only two that work and then the ejection fraction went to 20% which they thought was a blockage but stents wouldn't work anymore so had to have a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted. Betor Blockers can cause some fatigue but not all the time. Sounds like the heart wall is not allowing the ejection fraction your body needs. I had to change Cardiologist to get the assistance I needed and have been with them 6 years now. Also, there's a nerve test to check all the nerves to the heart....if you haven't had that or a check with the branch bundle which is your electrical system to the heart then you might need to do that. Doctors aren't perfect and do miss things in occasion so may need to check definitely the electrical issues to the heart. That was my constant fatigue and later weakened the heart wall more. Let me know. Pray you have someone finally get a diagnosis to help you be healthier, happier and more productive
  • Beverley L Hart
    Beverley L Hart,
    Ask to have your thyroid checked.
  • sdcrumley1
    I was teaching when I had to stop because of a wreck (rear ended me kid on cell phone)! I made it worse because we were stopped at a red light and I saw him come flying up behind the lady next to me but suddenly switched to my lane thinking he would have more time to top as my line was a little shorter. The problem with seeing him coming, I freaked out and braced my foot on the brake so hard hoping I would not hit the lady in front of me and clenched the steering wheel so tight my knuckles turned white. Put me out eventually on disability because I couldn't walk or stand all day teaching...even sitting wouldn't help. I had to alternate. Point is I never went to College until age 30 and I made myself start a whole new career and was about to get my Doctoral Degree in ED. Leadership. When the doctors wrote me as totally and permanently disabled, I wanted to die, but I took the doctor's advice, my Psychiatrist, and my orthopedic surgeon at Hughston Sports Injury Hospital and clinic and went into Pain Management at his insistence because every doctor had exhausted all measures to help me. I retired end of 2006 in my early 40's.I did not want to get out of bed at first, but my stepmother gave me a kitten for Christmas to cheer me up and distract from my problems. It helped for a while until everything in my entire body began to cause surgery except the one thing I needed relief was my lower back and neck. So I had to back off activity because all doctors said no surgery for you back or neck...pain management. I know you are wondering what this has to do with my heart...that came later. In 2014 I went into a hospital to try and come off all of my meds (a lot) but it was a mistake and I signed myself in thinking this was my psychiatrists advice. Different story from his office manager. No matter as it was over and they almost killed me with BP of 188/111 (life threatening). When I told the CEO how close they came to killing me, he verified and told me I did not owe them a dime. To speed up this story I am leaving out critical parts as far as just how many times this same hospital almost killed me....end result after three different attempts to kill me, I talked them into doing one more CT with contrast and there it was a blood clot in my lung! I would be dead already if God had not given me knowledge to know a lot about medical issues and terms. This is why several cardiologists have agreed that I have Left Diastolic Failure, First Phase (there are four stages), but no one f the cardiologist or Pulmonary specialist has agreed with what I read that my condition leads to heart failure, if left untreated. I had my endocrinologist to tell me I will die if I don't come off the Eliquis as it was only meant for 6mos to a year. I am going into 2nd year. He told me the symptoms in my upper right thigh and under my left knee were not where blood clots occur. Imagine how shocked I as not told by any doctor I saw even the Director of Cardiology that blood clots do not occur in you upper leg but rather in the lower leg. This old doctor knows more than all the rest??? He examined my hips by pushing on a certain spot on both sides and said I have bilateral greater trochanteric bursitis in both hips...back to PT at Hughston sports clinic. I am now afraid that adjusting my hips will ruin my back and or neck (you have to know what all I have been through my life so far at 55yrs and a very active person prior to my neck surgery and before the wreck. I only trust God to help, however, I know that God works through other people to help us sometimes. I have followed every single doctors advice and done everything they asked me to no avail. I see other people with heart problems of all kinds, but they just told me it happens to old people and don't worry about it and I lost it so the girl hung up on me and called back to talk to the person in Charge of the entire practice and she seemed shocked, said she would check on and get back to me. Two days later she called back to tell me this Internal med doc was dropping in 30 days. Not one doctor would take on my heart condition or my blood thinner until my old endocrinologist stepped up and told me that he was taking me off slowly and on the 24th of this month will be my last. The only complaint is this heart condition and the symptoms I have had since 12-2015 of extreme shortness of breath and dizziness. The first episode had a few second of blackness and was and is still very frightening even though I know to hang onto whatever is nearby and get under the air or fan. I can't do anything because I don't have enough oxygen/blood to go to my lung and brain. My left heart valve will not fill properly and therefore cannot return the blood/oxygen to my brain or lung. The wall of my left lung is scarred and the left heart valve in hardened Many causes, but my guess is untreated high blood pressure. Every time My Pain doc's office would check it and it happened to be high over all these years, they just explained it away with many different cause and am getting to weak to fight now. I thought this site was to give us medical advice, but I see we all seem to be in similar boats with different diagnoses! Praying for all of us!
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