Jun 28
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In 2010 i had to have 2 stents put in the back of my heart because it was closed 90% and than in 2013 i had a stroke and i don`t remember alot about it , my daughter had to tell me and to this day i still don`t remember it all which is so frustrating.....My biggest fear is that i will have another stroke and no one will be around....i know i have to get over the fear but its there and its real.......
  • Dottieann
    Afraid, I know that feeling I have that feeling too...but you can't keep worrying about it you will miss out on life...just go on with your life and enjoy the daily things you do and try not to worry...if it happens when ever you could be around someone or maybe not maybe alone you will do at the time what you need to do for yourself and pray for the best...only God will determinant when our lives are up and even if someone is around they will not be able to do anything about it if your time is up...you have to get yourself to that point of thinking or you will drive yourself crazy...just pray and hope for the best get on with your life and live it you are alive...best to you if you want to talk more no problem take care. Dottie
  • stache69
    Dottieanns' response was right on the money.........Embrace each day for what it brings and for me I am struggling again for a breath of air. Now that is scary, and the anxiety and sometimes panic attacks accompanying got out of control. I somehow reach out and clasp my right hand and THANK JESUS and often find his immediate help assists me in overcoming a rough situation. I slowly catch my breath and smile and get on with the tasks at hand. The more I thank Jesus, the more his presence becomes known and I acknowledge that I'm no longer alone because it is his hand that I am clasping.
  • Trish Peterson
    Trish Peterson,
    Fear of death is a very real thing. It is like depression; you can't just get rid of it. Have you sought out counseling? I am a believer and only God knows the days of your life. Just as he knows mine. We stroke survivors live with knowing that people treat you differently and it can and does affect you (and me). Just do one more thing than you did yesterday. Pretty soon you will be looking forward to tomorrow instead of dreading it (I say with counseling in me). Praying for you....
  • BevPohlit
    We all have a sense of fear but, please don't let it take over your life. You need to make a decision. Let this beat you, or fight it? There is a page on FaceBook #GoRedGetFit and there are soooo many people just like us. Yes, I had a MI a year ago, and I thought I was healthy. Just remember you have a choice to make healthy choices. Make a difference for you and your family. We are sisters of the ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • arki
    All I can Say Is this >We survivors we need to watch our diets very carefully..do some exercise every day and take some suplements to clean our arteries and veins..do some research online on you tube you'll find amazing ideas. take care :)
  • Tom7
    I have 2 stents the second one was put in Nov 17 and gave me a stroke. I taken care of the stroke rehab. Now I am in cardiac rehab and it seems to get rid of some of that afraid. I don't know if it is the exercise or the other people. The stroke hit my emotion center in my frontal lobe. I take citalopram and it seems to help with the crying that comes on from no where.
  • Stroke Of  Good Lluck
    Stroke Of Good Lluck,
    Confused. Stents? For Stroke ? What kind (Ischemic or Hemorrhagic) as it directs treatment ? Don't be afraid because you have a few million stroke survivors and the one upstairs rooting for you. Just keep mentally aware and morally straight.. You're the one who can do it ! Dick Burns astrokeofgoodluck.com
  • DenisPopp1
    You are never alone! Find out who around you is available, ask you children,a brother or a sister or a friend to call you. Maybe have one call you on a different day of the week. After I had my stroke I always keep my cell phone with me. Also it was in 2013 when issues started. I do know my life is in Gods hand. I continue to enjoy my life with my family and friends. I now wear a Ventricle Assit Device and feel blessed with how God allows us to get closer and closer to his grand design and desire for us to be like him. Wishing you Peace and Good Things, Denis
  • rogerv1
    Do not fear. I had a stroke and am fearful of another. I also have multiple "lesions" on internal organs that are suspicious for metastatic cancer. I am afraid they will get out of control and kill me or that the dr. Will put me on chemo, which also may kill me. When I have such a thought I recall psalm 23' that I was made to memorize as a kid. "Though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil, for You are with me. Take heart, God is big enough for all of us.
  • carolonowens
    it's hard not to worry, but try not to & enjoy everyday that God gives you. Prayers help too. I don't remember my stroke, maybe that's God's way of protecting us. Carol
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