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Trish Peterson
Trish Peterson , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

A stroke at 49? How could this be?

On June 14, 2014 I awoke in the middle of the night feeling sick.  Made it to the bathroom and back to bed where I immediately fell asleep.  Then the alarm went off at my normal 4:45 am.  I couldn't remember how to shut if off, so I just unplugged it.  Maybe a shower would clear my thinking so that what I did (even shaved my legs).  I managed to make a cup of coffee, in a water glass and then realized I couldn't talk.  I woke my husband up and he took a minute to realize what was happening to me.  We got in the car and rushed off to the emergency room.  There is a hospital two miles from my house and I was praying that Bill would not take me there.  He did not; we went to our own hospitals offsite emergency room and they transferred me to the main hosptial's ICU.  I did not get the stroke medication because they could not tell when I had the initial stroke.

Turns out I had a hole in my heart since birth and I had a clot get through.  I remember everything as clear as it was yesterday.  I could say three words "yes, no, and oh shit".  I was a Client and Employee Relations Manager for a medium sized private compalny....a high stress job where I was on call 24/7.  As soon as my 12 weeks were up, they sent me a FedEx that my job there was done.  

It's been an interesting two years.  I finished speech therapy after 6 months.  I know am able to talk but I still have trouble with large groups and finding the right words.  God blessed me with a job and I am a Church Administrator.  Most times I work alone, but when I am in a larger crowd people tend to shy away from me because my speach is still difficult and I am depressed (mostly because people shy away from me).  

Are there any other 50'ish stroke persons out there?  I have been though counseling but I just need someone who has been there and done that!
  • ksmith09
    I was 34 and suffered a stroke due to a dissection caused by a chiropractic adjustment
  • purplecyn
    I had my stroke when I was 57,in was the youngest person there for stroke and the youngest person in rehab.my voice,sight,hearing was not affected.but my whole left side aS and I was left handed.I didn't have very much walking rehab,they concentrated on switching from wheelchair to chair,etc.I got a hemi walker shiiped to my home and with the help of you tube videos I can now take 11 steps up and back.it's really the loneliness and depression that are my big problems.I have no insurance now and no income,so I cannot go to the doctor,and my meds,(including bp) have all expired. You keep up the good work.here is my email if you want to stay in touch: cindypower54@gmail.com. Cindy
  • dnucks
    Trish, I was 37 when I had a severe stroke that almost took my life. That was 2004. I am almost 49 and the last 10+ years have been a blessing. I am partially paralyzed and have “Stroke Speech” as well, but God has brought me through and now my life is dedicated to Him. Are there struggles, sure. But nothing like what Christ went through. I am thankful for my stroke and the clarity of my life. Email me if you want to talk more: dan@nuckolls.com
  • Bluestarmom
    Have never suffered a stroke, but am living with coronary artery disease. And I am praying for you. It's THEIR insecurity. God's blessings and love to you for peace and strength.
  • Msfobar
    I've been through the motions. After my stroke at 33, it was 2014, I felt like a big bucket of dookie. I played video games for a year to pass the time. I finally decided to get off my keister and do something. We just gotta pick up the pieces and continue doing what we can. I gained 30 pounds from being lazy, but I needed to do some of the things I once did to feel like I was doing more than wasting space. Keep going. You learn to stop caring what others think. I figure, hey, you're the one going through all this. It sucks, bottomline. Just keep doing good. Be a righteous butt if you need to be. Life isn't an easy road for anyone. In fact I pity the folks who haven't yet had a dose of reality.
  • Trish Peterson
    Trish Peterson,
    Thank you for all the feedback. I will contact each one of you who gave their email.
  • JJR
    How scary that you had to go thru all that. No warning ... Although we have all gone thru such life altering events... The fact that you fought back and Sade reclaiming your life. The strength and courage you have shown and continue to show is encouraging for all of us. People scared to interact with you is their own insecurites and fear... Don't let their ignorance impact your recovery.. Stay on your path and keep fighting your fight.. We are all proud of you!!
  • Dysarthria (aphasia) Joe
    Dysarthria (aphasia) Joe,
    Hi, I got sick on a cruise ship and went into a diabetic coma and had a CVA stroke on 3-13-2013. Didn't get any tPA and and after 36 hours made it back to Miami and went to mount Sinai for two weeks before returning home to Wyoming. The PT and OT was realitively quick and easy but the ST (speech therapy) has been the real challenge for me. I have dysarthria (slurred and disturbed speech) but no real language or cognitive issues just speech. I was 59 at the time and now 62. The common questions are: are you depressed? Hell no! But sometimes the situation can be depressing at times. And do you have any suicidal tendencies? Last time I checked NO. I love my life outside of having dysarthria lol !! I have been to the aphasia center in Florida and do believe their contrarian thinking that there is no plateau with the proper motivation. But I have learned that it is a long term and slow process. I would like to learn more much more. My nuerologist said lower motor neuron (LMN) lesions? I had 6 PEs and a clot went to my occipital lobe but not the cortex so no vision issues. Some research indicates the possibility of cranial nerve damage or some sort. The more I learn the more I need and want to learn but the brain is such a complex machine full of mystery. Also intregriued with the idea of clinical trails for stem cell research. I am learning many new techniques and stratigies but it is still not good enough. Please provide feedback and ideas and opinions and suggestions. I absolutely hate sounding like a blithering retarded idiot! But that is what I sound like to myself inside my minds ear. No offense intended toward anybody but I have to call a spade a spade and be bluntly and brutally honest with myself and to hell with being PC! Talk to me people. Joe.
  • Lorb
    Hi trish, I'm a caretaker to my son who is 32 and had his stroke December 2015. I'm sorry this happened to you, depression is huge with strokes the doctors tell my son, he also battles with schizophrenia , so it has really interfered with his focus on getting better with pt and ot. He wanted me to write to you. God bless you and I'll pray for you.
  • qbbecky
    call me for support i had stroke at 45 im becky 5106883687
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