Oct 25
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A story about love...


It is with great pleasure that I join this Support Network as a caregiver for someone who cared so selflessly for not only her children, grandchildren and many others, my beautiful mother in law. I want to not only share OUR story here but learn how I can continue to be of service to those that life places in my path.

September of 2015 she had a stroke. This event turned her life upside down. To walk with someone into an Emergency Room because she began to display signs of having a stroke and then witness this same beautiful soul unable to walk AT ALL hours later was devastating. It. Broke. My. Heart. Not only did she lose her ability to move her right side which was also her dominant side, she lost her ability to speak English, a second language she had been speaking since her youth. She was confused, scared, hurting and uncertain about what the future held. 

Luckily I have been studying natural health for the past 8 years and assisting those who feel passionately about learning ways to assist their bodies in healing so my knowledge in 
Cardiovascular Disease  had/has allowed me to effectively communicate with her family members (overseas and in the states), doctors, and nurses in order to safely introduce a natural approach to healing. This natural approach to healing also known as a Complimentary Therapy in the form of healthy diet, lifestyle changes, herbs, and supplements in conjunction with Allopathic (Modern) Medicine such as medications has been AMAZING. The progress she has made so far is showing great promise in the effectiveness of the ever evolving plan her Cardiologist and I have decided on. Plus, my Tagalog speaking skills are increasing daily as she and I communicate in her native tongue. She knows she isn't alone. Her anxiety and frustration about losing a language isn't on the forefront of her mind. She knows she is loved.

There is a lesson in every triumph and a time for reflection in every set back. Living in the moment, trusting the process and making purposeful changes are what being a caregiver to someone who suffered a stroke has taught and is still teaching me.

I've read that where there is great grief there is/was an abundance of love. That statement rang so true that day! This unplanned turn of events that had/has taken my family on an emotional roller coaster helped unearth an even greater understanding of my purpose here.

Thank you for listening.
Mahal Kita (I love you)

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