Jan 9
casskraus , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

A Heart A What???

 "Something feels wrong mom I think I need to go to the emergency room."

With those words my life was changed forever. I woke up Thursday, January 1, 2015 with an awful lower back pain. All I could think was that it stunk to start a new year with this kind of pain. Friday I got up still in pain but determined to not ruin my weekend or the last few days of Christmas break, so I pushed on. I went to lunch and then to Hobby lobby were something started to feel different. I can't describe the pain or the odd feeling all I know is that there was a voice telling me to get help.   

"Miss Kraus we are going to transfer you and an ambulance to the ICU." 

My heart started to race and I began to weep; how is this happening to me I'm only 30? What is going to happen?... I'm scared. It all felt like it was happening so fast but to be honest I don't know what "it" was that was happening. I got to the hospital and spent a couple days being a pin cushion  and running through countless amounts of test (MRI MRA EKG EEG CAT scan Doppler x-ray etc.) just waiting for results.

 Then the news came. 

Dr. A came in, sat down on the couch, lowered his voice and began…  "I have all the results and it appears that you had a heart attack." I was in complete shock, stunned that at 30 years old I could have a heart attack. I questioned why my lower back hurts and why didn't  my chest or my arm? Dr. A announce that it was an aortic valve push too thin due to the blood pressure increase.

 I just wait wanted to lie down for a minute.  I told the doctor that I almost didn't come to the hospital because I just thought it was back pain. I was going to take an aspirin and lie down for a little while. The words that came out of his mouth made me tremble, "if you would have just went home and lie down you wouldn't have ever woken up again. so the thought that you were going to go home with your son and take a nap would've been the last time that you ever saw him." The reason I went to the hospital was a little voice inside my body pulling at me and screaming to go. The little voice that said something just isn't right. It was God and his word. iIt was him telling me that I needed to listen and do what he was telling me. The fact that I listen to that voice is the only reason I'm here today. I can't think that it is anything less than a miracle from God. He not only save my life but honestly the life of my child. If I had just gone home with Kade it would have just been him and I there and I never would've woken up and he never would've been the same. I didn't understand the pain but I do now and could not be more thankful for it. 

I'm alive and I'm aware of the changes thank you Jesus for all you did in your wonderful miracles

  • lindargeorge
    Wow!! Good thing you made that trip to the ER!!! Glad you are doing better!
  • Lorb
    Thanks for sharing your story, god bless you both . Glad you are here to tell it.
  • Lace
    I'm glad you listen to the Lord
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