Jan 18
Jenz66 , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

A Broken Heart


My name is Jen and I am 50 year old college student here in Lubbock TX. My college journey started in 2014 via Everest University Online for my Associates in Computer Science. I have since moved onto Virginia College for Network Technician. I also put in time at Texas Tech University for my Bachelors in Management Information Systems/Web Application Design. ( I have a year's time at each institution).

During my time at Texas Tech I made a trip to the Emergency Room for what I thought was simply going to be shortness of breath, fluid retention and cellulitis. They ended up admitting after the chest xrays. It turns out I had an enlarged heart and fluid in my lungs. I stayed for 2 days and left with a diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure and 3 valves that are trace regurgitation status for my Tricuspid, Mitral and Pulmonary.

So, now my daily regimen is Lasix @ 40mgs, Simvastatin @ 20mgs and various Antibiotics. Some days are better than others but for the most part I just get up and go about my day.

Thank you Lord for my blessings!
  • Heartpatient
    Trust me Jen, I do understand! Going through the same thing myself. Good days and bad ones. I count my blessings daily!
  • georgemaudelle
    Dear Jen things do get better had open heart surgery in 06 I now have a mechinical valve will bo on warafrin for the rest of my life but I take my meds and live one day at a time I am 57 years old so hang in there
  • Dottieann
    Hi Sweet Jen, So sorry for all your trouble and health problems....I can not even imagine how you must feel..so young ...but Jen I know you are grateful and that is good...I think we are all given things in life we might have to deal with...but you are alive and doing well..stay positive Jen and keep going. we are all here for you. Have a super day, Dottie
  • Ursulla
    Like you I have good days and then not so good but praise God I am still here able to encourage others. Congestive heart failure s no joke. I take my meds and as directed and stay focused on God!
  • Liznt60
    One day at a time! Prayers for you.
  • mingo1
    So sorry to hear of your problems. I too, have been living with congestive heart failure since a widow maker in 1993. The doctors could not unblock the left descending artery as it took an abrupt right hand turn. Luckily, everything else was ok, although they implanted an ICD three months later. While I have had some "shocking" moments, I have lived and will continue to live a pretty normal life. I take the same meds as you do plus an anti-arrhythmic medication. I have done most anything I want over all these years but do get tired a little easier. Of course, I am 68 years old now! Prayer with my God has helped tremendously and my God must want me around for something. Just continue to "go about your day" and believe that a higher power wants you to Live Strong. Everything will get better and of that I am sure. Take care.
  • cdameron
    I am glad you are doing better Jen. Nothing is more surprising than getting a diagnosis you didn't expect! It is a blessing when you are in the right place at the right time when you have an issue. I spent ten years in Lubbock teaching at a school district there. They really do have some great healthcare there so at least you are in a good place when you need them! Living with heart disease has its ups and downs and can be frustrating. Although it can be challenging, life is still yours to enjoy. I just adjust on about a daily basis. Yesterday I got carried away, today I have my feet up! Please feel free to contact me if the frustration gets to you. Continue to be blessed and persevere.
  • patpc72
    Amen, to Thank You Lord! for my many, many blessings!
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