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61year old Heart Attack newby

Three weeks ago I thought I was experiencing the worst case of heart burn in my life. I had three night shifts left and was being bull headed as a few of us guys are, I told my wife I would go see my doctor when I went on days off. I finished my last night of work got home and immediately told my wife I am hurting so bad you need to take me to the ER. Well I had been suffering through a heart attack for three days. A piece of plaque and a blood clot had broke loose and plugged an artery. Yes I got reeked by the Cardiologist for waiting three days. Well deserved. Spent 31/2 days in hospital. Did stress test and nuclear imaging test and both came back fine. A little plaque in the arteries but Dr. Is tre acting it with 1 cholesterol pill per day. I was diagnosed with early stages of type 2 diabetes last April. I have lost over 40 lbs via diet and walking 3 to 5 miles per day every day. That is until my heart attack. I haven't abandoned my diabetes diet but my Dr has me easing back into long walks. My question to anyone is. How do I get past the depression part of having a life changing event like a heart attack. Am I going to have another, what if I die, am I having another one ever time my body feels different, should I haul ass to the ER or call 911 ever time I feel a twing in my chest. Will I ever be able to live life the way I no it. I have three grandsons ages 7,5,3 t.hat I want to see grow up. To be honest I am scared. Can anyone give me any ideas.
  • MAYR
    I had a heart attack and Angio when I was 46 and I am now 65. I have high cholesterol and am somewhat overweight which does worry me, but sounds like you are getting a reprieve! I do suffer with SAD and Depression, but I do believe the fear of this softens some as you go along. One time I had a scare when I felt some sharp pain in my chest and jaw pain and went to the ER several years later. It turned out to be an esophageal spasm and absessed tooth! My husband was cheating on me at the time and walked out on me soon after. If you have good support and a good wife, I bet you will do fine! Here's to a great life....The Lord has carried me through. Mary
  • Dottieann
    Hello My friend, I know this is terrible and hard to live with and what you are thinking is very normal yes it makes you scared all the time and wonder when it will happen again and maybe not be so lucky...its not easy to live with heart disease in any form...but you have to try and believe in God your faith...we have no control over when we will die and we are not going to be able to stop it..but God still wants you around and he has proved that to you as you are still here after going 3 days with a heart attack..so please keep your faith and believe in God he is the only one that can control it...try and take one day at a time even if it means to take something to calm you down as worry will only make it worse and you have no control over it..pray and pray...when our time is up that is when it will happen...I say this to you and I myself is scared to death but try and keep the faith and believe pray...I will keep you in my prayers you are not alone..anytime we are here for you hold on my friend. your support friend... Dottie
  • popilla
    Newby, I had my first cardiac event when i was 52. it resulted in a quad bypass, i then after some lifestyle changes have been able live fairly normally. This past March I had a heart attack, looking back I was in denial as far back as October 2015. my advise to deal with the changes is to read and educate yourself as much as you can and learn to listen to your body. I would also invest in a heart rate monitor i.e. Fitbit HR or similar, it helps you monitor and know what your heart is doing under certain situations. Stay positive and remember to count your blessings and stay active. BTW i am now 64.
  • sprayer1
    i had a heart attack at age 60, had been healthy & fit up till it happened to me. same type of thing, plaque broke off & blocked lad artery 100% but didnt know i had one until 2 days after when i felt like a elephant was on top of me! in er 3 days & got out 7 was very depressed. same questions yu had, after about a month i took some anti anxiety pills which helped me, some people it does the opposite but i think it is worth a try, anything to get over the first few weeks of what happpened to yu because it is life changing & it is scarry. i am doing well but have to take 5 different meds each day which is hard while my heart mends, it was damaged some because i like yu waited a long time before going to the hospital but i am here, most people dont live! i just finally started to look at it like we just dont know do we? how long we will live, look at the people with nothing wrong with them who get up & leave home & dont return- like the people that got off that plane & were murdered in the airport in fla! people who are in accidents & killed each day or someone shoots them down?!! nobody knows, so it doesnt help or do any good to worry. so just be glad each day yur here & make the best of it! i try to realize & do that now as never before & walk, it has been the best thing for my recovery- i just came back from arizona & colorado where i hiked up a mountain & kept up with a 25 yr old!!! yur lucky just like i was so be glad for each day yu have & be good to yourself, sometimes as men we forget to do that for ourselves. goodluck to yu.
  • zeeheart
    Hello It is a frightening thing to live with and it will take you sometime to get through the way you feel. Once the initial anxiety wears off you will still have days that you slip back into that mindset of worrying about what is going to happen next. I too go through the same thing, my first event was about 20 months ago. It helped me to talk to people that had a similar experience -- it allowed me to release the tension related to the feelings I was having. Stay encouraged, and focus on the things that bring joy in your life ( family, grandkids, etc.). Live and love and live. I will pray your strength Zenobia
  • AHAASAKatie
    Welcome to the Support Network, we are so glad you are here. I want to share the patient education resources that we have for life after a heart attack! http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/HeartAttack/Heart-Attack_UCM_001092_SubHomePage.jsp# You are in good company with us, and I look forward to hearing more about your recovery. Best Katie
  • ricker
    Do not feel along, I was 58 when I had my heart attack and totally felt the same way you do right now...all I can say is that the support blogging has help alot...as I tell people that physicially I look fine (as I had a stent place, no open heart surgery) but mentally it is draining, feeling all the things you do...It will be a year in March since my heart attack and finally I can say I'm back to normal...life has no guarantees, make the most of each day, do as the MD's tell us and the rest in God's hands...I now live each day as it is my first...and hope to also see my young grandchildren grow up...
  • curtiswood18atyahoo.com
    I myself sought some counseling which doctors did not recommend. The cardiologist seems to ignore the confidence-shaking event that a heart attack can bring to the psyche of the patient. I also sought some extra "talking" time with my church's Stephen Ministry members. I have used lots of talking about other times in my life to help me get through the life changes that no one warned me about that would be a part of aging. I have also found this site to be good reading when folks share their stories. I think there should be more attention given to the psychological damage that occurs when our psychical bodies take a "hit" from some health related issues. It has taken about a year to get past to shaking my life took when that first heart attack took place and the stent was placed in my heart. Talking like this online helps almost as much as talking in person with a therapist and other counselors.
  • renato
    Hello, I am not a doctor,but let me say: after a heavy heart attack like yours ,i understand that your therapy is only one tablet of statine a day. Is this true or not ? Why no ACE inibitors; blood thinner and if necessary some betablocker? Let me know. Ciao Renato
  • shirleymom
    I, too, suffered a massive heart attack that ended in 6 bypasses. I went through all the doubts depression fears that come along with a life altering experience. Be patient with yourself, do what your doctors say, and know that you will get better. I died twice that day and I am here 13 years later doing just fine. I know my limits, and I have ended up with a lot of patience that I certainly didn't have before my event. Smile. Life is wonderful. Enjoy those boys!! All my grandchildren are teenagers now!!
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