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5 years approaching

I used to and still joke about this sometimes with close friends: my heart was broken and torn, literally on Valentine's Day, 14th Feb 2012...
I am a 41 year old Asian. On this day nearly 5 years ago at 37, I was playing volleyball with friends when something like a heavy ball hit me in the chest. Initially thinking it could be a bad heartburn, I tried resting but the feeling of something heavy on my chest kept coming back. So I stopped playing and ask a friend to send me to the hospital. I am not sure what is wrong at then. Throughout the night, nurse after nurse came to draw blood for test and they do not want to discharge me. The next day a doctor came and told me to do more test. XRay, MRI and the dye was injected. I was told my arteries are blocked. 1 90% and 2 others 60-70%. I need 3 stents. The procedure was done within a week and I am out for recovery.

These 5 years had not been easy. I still play volleyball, jogs, cycle etc but I can feel the deteriorating physical health. I worried sometimes at the little stuff and keep thinking it could be my heart failing again. I was just at the emergency the other day but after some checks was told I am fine. I have been having these necks and back aches recently is really stressing me out...I have asked to be referred to the cardiologist for further test. 

I am from Singapore and sometimes I really hope I can meet some folks around my age that have the same issue in person.

  • NixNax
    Hello broken heart. Like yourself my heart was broken a little over six months ago. I too find myself worried about if the next episode is around the corner. I have become a fixture at my doctors office and the emergency room at my local hospital. They all must be tired of seeing my face. My doctor said I am the poster child of a heart attack survivor because after my HA I went to the extreme and changed my diet. My BP is excellent and my cholesterol. I excercise regularly, stop eating read meat, dairy, cut back on wheat. However, my mind can not seem to cope with the fact that I had a heart attack. My sister, who's a psychologist said I might be dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. So, I plan on finding a therapist. We are the lucky ones. We just need to stop worrying so much about what if and focus on what is. What is, is that we are here stronger and healthier than we were, what is, is that we are better educated on our event. What is, is that we survive. What is, is that we cannot fully control our fate. So, we have to live and find happiness in today. Thank God for today. It might not be perfect but life is not perfect. Stay bless broken heart. I look forward to my five year anniversary.
  • NixNax
    Did I mention that I am 46yrs old.
  • Dottieann
    I am not around your age...but wanted to thank you for sharing...the important thing is to stay positive and have faith..pray..but most of all live your life and do not look so far ahead..good to check on things but try not to go crazy with that either as that can drive you crazy...all I can say is your not alone and all you can do is your best...I will keep you in my prayers..God Bless you. Dottie
  • eranb
    Hi, I'm around you age. I had my heart attack April 2014. Many people that go through this experience feel worried about the future and every small pain is an alarm and a reminder. I also visited the hospital many times until they started to keep me there over night and I got tired of worrying about muscle pain I had or acid reflex and the visits went down. Most important thing is to understand that each person reacts differently and the time to recover can take time. The fact the you went back to play sports is great. One tip I use every time I get an ache is to pause and listen to my body and mind. Is it like the time I had a heart attack? Am I having additional symptoms? How long does it last? Usually it goes away very quickly. But its important to listen to our body at all times. Do sports, take your meds, eat well (no meat, no chicken, no diary and only olive oil, although some will say differently about the olive oil) eat fish, eat greens. Do your yearly stress test and blood test and remember, go see a psychologist if you haven't yet. You got a second chance so take advantage of it and do what you want in life. Enjoy and love life.
  • wysewoman
    I'm really not your age, but I did have a triple bypass (CABg) a year ago. Thankfully, I no longer have chest pain, but I've heard others who do. I just want to advise that Statin drugs can cause awful all over pain! I'm on my fourth version and it is causing pain too. I have other conditions like Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis, but this pain from the Statins is another type of pain, and it makes the pain from other causes worse. Maybe your doctor can change your Statin drug for one that causes less pain. I hope you feel much better soon! Your'e so young to suffer this way!
  • JJR
    Hey Tiam.. I am 57 &can totally relate to the fear and pain you're going thru. I was a healthy woman whomever had anything reLmly wrong with me and never ever was in a hospital. I literally meet a friend at a sushi restaurant, drinking my green tea.. started sweating, grabbed my chest and collapsed.i don't have any memory of driving there or what happened so all I know is what my friend told me. She called 911 and lucky for me ( since I was not at home I was much closer to the ambulance dispatch). I was dead by the time they got there. They did cpr and paddled me Racked 4 ribs but couldn't keep my heart beating. By. the time I got to the hospital they found I was 100% blocked at the widowmaker. They stented me and put me in a coma for 3 days and had no idea if I would wake up or be brain dead etc. I did come out of it with no real apparent organ failure .. was parser diagnosed with some brain damage due to lack of oxygen..( really just effects my short term memory). The doctor put me on 16 different drugs ( I am 5' weigh 105 lbs) kept me in the hospital for2 weeks since my blood pressure was 80/60.. I ended up being released and every 60-90 days read Utter 2 weeks at a time. My idiot cardiologist had totally overdosed me as all my drugs caused low blood pressure. Every time I felt an ache or pain I totally framedout thinking I was going to die again. Mine happened in 2015 and I've been tortured to this day. The fear, the needles, the tests, the hospital continuos. It's scary no doubt about it. There is no support group here and we have to of the. Set heart institutes in the country this site is really helpful and you're talking to people who understand. Good for you that you asked to be taken to the hospital. Pay attention to your body.. look at the drugs they have you on, check side effects and if you can't get the doctor to listen ( like mine who is the head of cardiology) change doctors). The pain you are experiencing is real. Pay attention and don't. E afraid to go to the doctor or call immediately if it doesn't stop. Women's symptoms are much more subtle then men's . The fear is hard to deal with.. see a therapist that deals with women's heart issues. My friend who all think I'm a drama queen and don't want to be around me anymore thjust don't get it. Like you I'm scared all the time. It's good you are staying active and strengthening your heart.. just don't push to hard if it hurts. Relax a moment . Remember women's symptoms don't last wrk G. Really, find a good doc, question the drugs look for side effects and try to just live your life the best you can. You are young but that doesn't stop the fear.. do a stress test when reccomended ( I had 4 heart Catherine. And my stent had closed ) but nobody believed me. Heart Caths. Are not fun but the best way to really no what's wrong.. so know there is a test if you're really feeling bad. Don't. E afraid to ask questions and find a really good doc. I send you hugs and I'm sure you will relax a bit as time goes on. I wish you good health and a wonderful life. Stay on your path. Pay attention and know you are not alone.
  • JJR
    One thing I wanted to tell you. Sever depression alwYs happens after a heart attack but nobody tells you that. It is real.. I don't know why they won't advise yo ( maybe they think it's really not going to happen if they tell you). I was so depressed cried all the time, scared to death ( literally) and no doc/ nurse or anyone helped me or. Eli's ex me. PleSe address your fears and if you can find a therapist to talk to .. I wish I had known it was real and not just me feeling this way.. I wish I had someone who. Elievex me but the medical processionals( Sarcasium) won't even help you. I was desperate to find someone who helped me and didn't make me feel like I was just making it up. And it was this forum that made me feel that it was a normal experience.. hugs! J
  • bakerboy1950
    i too got a new mechanical heart valve on feb 14 2014 and m doctor also had 6 bypass grafts 6 years ago and flat lined while working out in pool 5 times on the way to and in the hospital came out of drug induced coma 4 days later in hospital bed not knowing how i got there went in to tachycardia while swimming ended up with defibrillator pace maker my dr says i am his miracle patient IAM A SURVIVOR THANKFUL FOR EVERY DAY
  • Mariannaheusler
    I know what it's like to keep stressing out and to be terrified that it might happen again. After my heart attack, I was in the ER three times. A friend of mine went so many times, they wouldn't take her unless her doctor sent her. I'm trying to change my diet, more vegetables, more fruit, less sugar, less saturated fat. Lots of praying. In the end it's all we can do. That and enjoy every day, to be happy and generate happiness wherever you go. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone.
  • OhFive
    I'm another Valentine's Day person. 12 years ago I went to the ER because I was feeling really bad and had been for some time. Short story was I was admitted, several tests, and ended up with a quintuple bypass 2 days later. As others mentioned, the stress and depression is often normal but we all deal with it in different ways. I know many people have talked with therapists and have found that very helpful. The people on here are a great support system and offer a lot of advice from their experiences. Valentine's Day makes it easy for me to remember my heart anniversary and to continue to celebrate the extra time I've had and opportunities I've been able to take advantage of. Good luck!
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