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Mathers , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

34 Year Old Male Had A Stroke In September

Hey everyone, i'm 34 years old very active and athletic and I suffered a stroke on September 3rd.  I was setting up for a wedding cause im a wedding dj  and as I was done setting up i got really dizzy to the point where I couldn't see.  I had to take 10 minutes to catch my breath.  Finally i was good enough to drive back to my apartment.  About 15 minutes later  had a horrible pain in my head and jaw and it shot down to my arm and legs.  My entire right side was numb so I called 911 right away and they got me in quick which helped everything.  I had lots of vomiting and horrible dizziness and double vision.  The vomiting has stopped but i'm still dealing with being dizzy and I wear a patch for double vision.  I've been going to therapy so physically i'm getting better but i'm not able to drive until further notice.  I'm back to work, i'm a radio dj but the dizziness still is hard to deal with.  Thanks for reading my story!
  • Christinag
    Hi Mathews, I'm so sorry to hear of your stroke, I would like to know what kind of a stroke you had and what meds you are using. Some of the dizziness may be the meds and timing of them. I know that I need to keep my stomach full,or I get nauseated and I know that when I am dizzy, my blood pressure is off. So I suggest tracking your pressures-use a notebook so you can date each reading. Time of day, BP and heart rate. Then you can take the notebook with you to the doc. Be well.
  • SonarDog
    Glad you called for help early AND that you are doing better. Keep up the good work!- Gale
  • Carilee49
    Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear that you've had to go through this at all, much less at such a young age. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. And I'm here for a friend if you need one. Carolyn
  • rkbk1983
    Hello, I had a hemorrhagic stroke in May of 2014 & I was put in a coma for about 3 weeks. I also had double vision & wore a patch. Keep wearing your patch & doing any eye exercises they give you--it works. My double vision ended after 3 months. I thought I was having horrible dizziness, but it turned out that the "balance" control of my brain had been affected. As someone else suggested, your dizziness could be medication or blood pressure related, so it's a good thing to track. Hope they find an answer for you soon.
  • benciia
    I had a stroke 15 months ago due to a blood clot on left side of my brain. I had to go to physical therapy for almost 5 months and got my body feeling better but still have the dizziness and balance problem. Just saw another neurologist who advised that possibly blood sugar/glucose problem may be causing dizziness. Recommended I ask my primary physician for more lab work and possibly begin on low dose of meds for pre diabetes or diabetes problem?
  • ActiveLarry
    Mathers, Whatever your diet was, it was not good enough. Is there smoking allowed where you dj ? Really bad news for you. If you would swim in sewage, do not work in smoke filled environment. Is it worth your heart or brain, loss of a limb, or speech ? You need a low fat, low salt diet with anti-oxidant rich foods at every turn. I hope you like dark chocolate, and fresh berries. Develop a taste for pomegranate juice. Dark fruits, red, blue, purple are excellent. Alcohol ? UH, no. Give it up. Herbs are your friend, as are low salt spices. At least take a small bottle of oregano and parsely with you, and sprinkle some on as many things as you can. I hope you can have a full recovery.
  • Stroke Of  Good Lluck
    Stroke Of Good Lluck,
    Dear Mathers, Don't fool around with Mother Nature. You went to the hospital...therapy...exercise and it still continues. Stroke, maybe heart, maybe seizures...get back there NOW and get re-diagnosed.. Couple of things you can do: any problem with raising arms, walking, balance? How about your face - any dropping, muscle disorganization, mobility of eyes, temporary blurring of vision. And speech: slurring of words, grasping for words? And brain, memory, coordination with body, Pains in chest,, body parts, difficulty in function, coordination... These are some immediate tests, doctors and hospital can do the rest. Can't afford it? What's the price of life...to you, to others. Good luck . A Stroke of Good Luck
  • Mel-WI
    Mathers, I'm a 36 year old stroke survivor who continues to deal with side effects from my stroke in April. I'm seeking a second opinion from a neurologist that specializes in the the kind of stroke I had and the ongoing problems I have due to my stroke. Mine has left me with seizures and slowly recovering my vision. You know your body best...but you are the only one who can be your own advocate as well. It never hurts to get a second opinion. Especially when it happens to someone so young & we have our entire lives ahead of us. I hope you find solutions and are able to regain some normalcy in your life. Best wishes.
  • Elizabeth17
    Hi there - hope you are feeling better. I suffered a Ischemic Cryptogenic Stroke when I was 42. (Of unknown cause) I am 57 now. It took me many years to become what I consider fairly normal - I still have some residual side effects that mostly come about when I am tired or stressed. Be patient with yourself and do what you doctor tells you to do. Be sure and take all of your medication as prescribed. It helped me a great deal to have someone go to my doctor appointments with me and take notes. I would forget 1/2 of what the doctor said, or not understand it. Get one of your friends or relatives to advocate for you. Stay connected on the network and get tips from other stroke survivors. Remember - you are not alone! Keep your chin up!
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