Mar 19
Billybob1958 , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

3 Times not a Charm Lucky me

59 years young on January 16, 2017 I had a massive heart attack doctors told me I died 3 times and every time they kept ringing me back,when I woke up I was in the hospital ICU told that I just came out of a coma now believe this was hard to believe but the last thing I remember was heck truthfully I can`t for some reason when I work up my wife was standing there looking at me like glad to see you. Well after I ateshe begins to tell me the story of how I got to where I was at, she dosesn`t speak english but she is a resident she called 911 and they came along with 6 policeman because as she was taking to them she was yelling at me to respond 1 death paramedics arrived cpr on the way to the hospital 2 death again cpr and defib arrived ER about 8 mins and then number 3 in the emergency room while they found a heart doctor on call had a main artery completely close he explained to my wife might not make it well 4hrs and 5 days later I wake up feeling weak short of breath hungry confused.I went to my first appointment and my doctor was happy to see me and smiling he checked me out and said he`ll see me in a month still with that cat just ate the bird look after going home and going online to find out what happen to me and really where I should be at made me think what a great set of doctors and all the nurses that took care of me for the 12 days I was in the hospital only to come out with a pace maker. Now I don`t smoke never drank eat like I should and take my medicine like I should so hopefully to get more time with my wife of 28 yrs and my 2 kids and 2 grand kids and hopefully I can help a few people to understand how good life is without all the bad things that we think are good for us and its not....
  • ardenlester00
    Awesome story!! The same as mine. Add a LifeFlyte, 5 days in suspended state - 4 bypasses and new Aortic Valve - and you have my story. Likewise - good care, enhanced thankfulness and - did I mention - good care! Thanks for sharing your story. I needed it. Oh, and take your Xeralto. I listened to Lawyer ads on TV and stopped mine - and now I have to learn to talk again. I'm doing great! Thank you! Friend, Dennis
  • mingo1
    I am 69 years old and had a massive heart attack in 1993. I was at a huge soccer game with my son and wife as my son was a goalie for an all star team. The event was huge with 1200 kids on dozens of fields. I did not feel well as it was very hot. Walking out, I simply passed out with no pain or anything. By chance, I passed out next to the referees tent and there were two doctors inside. They we on me in seconds doing CPR. Since it was such a big event, an ambulance had to be on site for injuries to the kids. They were with me in a few minutes. On the way to the hospital that was only a few minutes away, I was shocked back to life nine times. In the hospital I had additional shocks and everyone did not think I would survive or if I did, massive brain damage. I too, was in a coma for five days and woke up with my wife looking at me with tears. I did not know what happened and could not talk as I was intubated. I did finally hear the story and could not believe that I had a heart attack and that so many lucky things happened when I fell to the ground. My LAD was totally blocked and kinked, so they could not do any surgery at all. The other arteries were ok, so I went home after a week in the hospital. Three months later I had an ICD implanted since the attack caused my heart to go into both AFIB and VFIB at times. I have been shocked many times since then, but they hurt for only a second and have saved my life over and over. Great news is that no shocks for over a year. I am on an anti-arrhythmic medication and some blood pressure pills along with aspirin. I have had over 30 other surgeries of which some were very long. *seven hip replacements, two Achilles separations, two eight inch rods, cages and screws in my back, stomach surgery, and four ablations to my heart* - I also have had several bouts of pneumonia, blood clots and valley fever. BUT, I have come through all tough as ever and my old, beat up heart made it through each time. I live strong now and can not do some things, but my life with my wife of 37 years, two sons with grandchildren and two great grandchildren are my support system. It is wonderful to wake up each morning and know that I have had many lives---about 30 cats!!! Stay healthy my friend.
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