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Jocelyn , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

25 Years old with a broken heart

My name is Jocelyn, I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure just over a year ago in December of 2015. I will always remember December 12th as the day my life turned upside down. I can however say I was not surprised to hear my diagnosis due to losing my mother when I was 5 years old and her 21 at the time to the same disorder I have today. I had extream troubles breathing for a long time, I have however smoked for a long time and was in fear I was causing permanent damage to my lungs by smoking. At the beginning of December 2015 I could hardly sleep because it was so hard to breath and decided to try and quite smoking. I had not smoked a cigarette for over a week when my breathing was getting worse, I felt as though if I layed down I was drowning. I stayed awake all night December 11th into December 12 trying to get air as my lips where turning purple. I knew I needed to see someone in fear I had contracted phenomia. I went into urgent care who told me to go to the ER immediately upon arrival which I did. They admitted me quickly and gave me 4 baby asprin when they showed my heart rate at 140, this is when it hit me that all along it was my heart thay was broken. They did many tests the first showing major fluid in my lungs and admitted me for the long haul. After completing an echo cardio gram they told me my heart was weak and needed help. My ejection fracture was 20% and i was in active heart failure, the doctor told me had I waited another 12 hours to be seen I would not be alive today. Blood had backed up and filled my lungs because my heart was not able to pump properly. They also advised me my heart was enlarged to 6.3 in size compared to the normal heart at 4.9. The doctor said I was in extream danager of sudden cardiac arresst at any moment and did not want me getting up or moving to quickly. My body felt fine i just wanted help to breath, I didnt feel weak. After starting medications my body did feel misrable with the worst headaches I have ever experianced. I stayed admitted for a week going through two cath procedures, one in the neck and one in the wrist. After a treadmill stress test I was sent home with a difibulator vest and was instructed to wear it continously unless I was showering. Five months later of seeing no progression and my ejection fracture still at 20% they decided to implant a difibulator, since I am so young they perfered I get the side implated device which I have today. The journey has been long and hard including losing my job becoming homeless and living in a camper with my disabled husband and our dogs. The medication has finally helped my heart to a 30% ejection frature as of my last Echo cardio gram. It has been a hard year.
  • fluffy
    Jocelyn, I can see why you feel you would have a 'broken heart', both literally and figuratively. So, so happy to see that you stopped smoking, and that's not easy, as I know from experience.....Very sorry that your lost your job, and to hear that your husband is disabled. Take one day at a time....Although your last year was hard, I think you are a fighter. I pray that you will find a path back to employment and health, I wonder if you and your husband might be able to find employment that might have a side benefit of something like a 'caretaker cottage', that is: Employment that has a house/cottage thrown in with some salary...I will say a prayer for you both tonight.....I can just sense in the words that you write, that you have an inner strength. You had the Blessing of wonderful medical care, and...You are alive! Keep your Faith, and just put one foot in front of the other, and your path will become clearer - Blessings to you!
  • Dottieann
    Hi Jocelyn, I am so sorry you had to go through all that..it must of been terrible..God Bless you...I think you had a Angel watching over you...take care of yourself and hold onto your faith..stay positive...I will keep you in my prayers...thank God you got there in time. Dottie
  • TJC
    Jocelyn, thank you for sharing your experience... my "heart" goes out to you... sending you positive thoughts for healing and increased health.
  • AnahMarie
    Hang in there... and enjoy this new year!! I was born with a broken heart- three open heart surgeries before I was ten, I have a 25 year old mechanical valve, chronic systolic and diastolic heart failure, an ICD and a 16 year old daughter... we can survive a lot more than we realize. I don't know where you live, but I would definitely find some local resources to get out of the homeless situation and get apply for social security disability insurance if you're in the US.
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