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20 years later

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My story began at the age of 15 years old. This is when I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Atrial Fibrillation. Not only that but it is permanent and fast. I live on beta blockers to control the heart rate so it’s not as fast. Afib has likely been a problem for me for my entire life, except I used to revert back to Regular Sinus Rhythm. My body no longer does this(hence the beta blockers) and previous Cardiologists lied to me so I never got an ablation done. I have many other medical  conditions that are likely caused from the Afib and I cannot get employment. I am still looking for the Silver Lining here. However, one can live a fairly normal life with Afib — I do Martial Arts and try to remain somewhat active. I don’t have employment because employers don’t like hearing a potential employee has a heart condition. Anyways, I accept my health issues for what they are; always continuing to keep my chin up.

  • Vegas

    Glad you keep your chin up, and the job thing sucks but lots of people work from home.


    I'd like your view on my disabled union idea, it's part of my survivor story "blue baby and disabled union" 



  • MellanieSAF


    I'm sorry that you are in longstanding persistent afib (it's only permanent if the doctor and patient have decided to give up on any further attempts to return to normal sinus rhythm).

    Even after 20 years, there is the possibility of returning to normal sinus rhythm through a Cox maze IV surgery (also called Maze procedure or surgical ablation). It is open-heart surgery, but people who have had afib for a long time can be returned to normal sinus rhythm with it. Here is more information about it: https://www.stopafib.org/surgical-ablation.cfm

    Founder, StopAfib.org (co-collaborator with AHA in MyAFibExperience.org)

  • SpecialMom

    God Bless you, continue to stay positive and share your story. 

  • winstonyoko

    Thank you for sharing your story and may you experience new successes and joy on your journey.




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