Sep 28
esBee , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

1-yr anniversary

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today is my 1-yr anniversary
i am the 1 in 3 of the less than 6%
- people who survive cardiac arrest
who are still alive a year later
survive. the operative word is survive
for though i am less than i was before
i am still here - grateful i was spared
by the grace of God
brought back by the
persistence of a code team
monitored by a dedicated physician
sustained by medication from Big Pharma
assisted by a devoted husband
encouraged by loving friends and
a remarkable, blended family
amazed by my incredible journey
i am alive!
  • brookblessed
    Happy Anniversary! My 7 year was on the 23rd. I always say that's my second birthday because my life was forever changed on that day.
  • esBee
    what an encouraging message, brookblessed. i hope in seven years i can pay it forward and say the same to another survivor. thank you! my life was also changed. i quit sweating the small stuff. i made sure to tell people "i love you." i saw the possum who sneaks kitty kibble as a beautiful creature and now deliberately leave a bit of extra kitty kibble for him each night. i thought i was appreciative of my blessings before cardiac arrest, but after cardiac arrest, i have a sharper, more developed appreciation. as you so aptly put it: "my life was forever changed on that day."
  • AHAASAKatie
    Happy Heart-i-Versary!
  • yarn007
    Happy Heart anniversary! So glad you came to join us and share your happy news.
  • Mikey123
    Amen! I had a massive coronary in April 2017, one minute I was at work working and what seemed like the next, only 16 days later I woke up in the hospital. Thank you for what you wrote, I found it to be very motivating. I am frightened and sometimes depressed, but I will remember your words of wisdom, and yes, thank God I am alive. Thank you!
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