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Thousands of people are affected by heart disease and stroke.

Every story is different. Every story is personal. Every story matters.

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Stories of Survival

  • "Survivor

    My Pregnancy with Heart Disease - Miracles Happen

    My pregnancy with a Heart Problem
    I was so excited about my pregnancy. I had done all the necessary preparation and had read everything about pregnancy, even about the care packages for new moms. 
    But one day, when my pregnancy was almost at the end, I began feeling...

  • "Survivor

    Advocate in the making

    I'm very passionate about advocating for my health and the health of countless others that are affected by blood clots. 5 years ago I found out that my blood clot was not fully diagnosed in 2013. I was originally told that the blood clot was just in the groin of my right

  • "Survivor

    5280 Feet

    I recently spoke with the folks at the AHA and they directed me to this site. As I've been reading a lot of these stories they reminded me of the day my friend Joe had his heart attack.
    To be more specific, he was 44 with no family history of heart problems, and had a

  • "Survivor

    My troublesome but Amazing Life.

    March 2016 my life changed.
    December 2017 it changed AGAIN.
    My story is long, it's my life story.
    This is a long read; it certainly was difficult for me to write.
    So, I'll get started - here's my story.
    For most of my life I thought being born with a congenital...

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