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KimberlyG, August 31,  2017  8:35am EST

'Overcoming Obstacles"...

I was born with an abnormal heart valve. We were told a couple of years ago that I would need a replacement. Two weeks before my first surgery February 12, 2009, I experienced shortness of breath, I knew something didn’t feel right. I made an appointment with the doctor, a test was ordered, surgery date was scheduled, I contacted my family and friends, and begin to pray and focus on what was getting ready to take place in my life. A blockage occurred after the first surgery, then I received a pacemaker, during my second surgery, February 16th, 2009. On June 23rd, 2010), after a regular check-up, including a pacemaker reading, at the doctor’s office, my third surgery, pacemaker revision (outpatient procedure), took place the following day. Fourth surgery (outpatient procedure)took place, December 21st, 2015: I received new batteries in my pace maker.


How do I cope with my daily health obstacles? I pray daily, communicate with my doctor, family & friends: especially on the days when I’m not feeling 100%, write in my journal, read devotionals, document any new changes occurring within my body and maintain a positive outlook on life.



Sharing words of encouragement to every  patient affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Despite whatever you may face today; focus on the good, count your blessings, take one day at a time ,reach out to the Support Network Family for encouragement and never ,never give up.



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