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AHACathyL, August 30,  2017  10:32am EST

Have you been impacted by Hurricane Harvey or have advice for those who have?

Thousands of people have been displaced this week as Hurricane Harvey stormed into southeast Texas and is still churning through the Gulf States. Many of those are living with heart disease or stroke are without medications or medical records and aren't sure when they may be back to their homes or communities to connect with their healthcare providers.

If you have been impacted, our hearts go out to you and please know you are not alone even in these times. This Support Network can be a place for you to reach out and continue to find emotional and practical support that can help.

While the current conditions may be unprecedented, natural and other disasters have caused similar physical and emotional upheavals over the years, and some of you may have faced these difficult times. If so, do you have information or tips that helped you and that you can share with others?

The AHA/ASA is preparing some resources we'll be sharing soon, but in the meantime, sharing with each other could be incredibly helpful.

Please be safe
Cathy Lewis
AHA/ASA Communications

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