Female Heart Valve Ambassador 4.

Kimberly Goodloe

Kimberly, 48, from Atlanta, GA has experienced heart valve disease firsthand. Kimberly was born with an abnormal valve, but didn’t begin to develop symptoms until her 40s. She learned she needed an aortic valve replacement in 2009 and underwent open heart surgery, receiving a mechanical valve to replace her damaged aortic valve. Four days after...

  • nathpt
    Thank you Kimberly Goodloe for sharing your story and advocacy.
  • Vegas

    Hi Kimberly, Read your story and wanted your point of view on my disabled union idea, think we both want to help people. It's in the survivor stories under blue baby and disabled union. Any direction is appreciated. Thanks,


  • adammckinney

    i am looking for the same kind of support for my father to be able to talk to somebody with his recent heart surgery Did you get a hold of anybody? By the way, I hope you're doing well. I'm working with Pest control canada

  • showna

    I’m having open heart surgery on March 29 to fix my heart vale’s!  Any advice that might help?   Thank u for sharing ur storie and giving some hope!  God Bless

  • Lore427

    How are you doing? Now you've been thru it, what can you tell me about the recovery process?

    my turns coming, open heart, 3 valves, late Aug.2019

    Hope you are doing great!

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