Ambassador Twins Kim Ketter and Shawn Rivers.

Kim Ketter and Shaun Rivers

ER nurse Kim Ketter had been feeling exhausted and short of breath for months, but it wasn’t until one day when she suffered heart palpitations at work that she decided to see a doctor about her symptoms. Her diagnosis of cardiomyopathy and HF came as a surprise. When she learned her condition may be genetic, Kim knew that her twin sister and fellow nurse, Shaun Rivers, could also be at risk for HF, so she suggested Shaun see her doctor and get tested as well. The results from Shaun’s stress test indicated that she also had HF.   


As ambassadors, Kim and Shaun are sharing their story to provide hope and support for people affected by HF. 

  • Lperry

    I am learning to care for my 26 year old son who has just been diagnosed with heart failure. he went in to the emergency room because of breathing problems and was told he had pneumonia and was sent home with antibiotics and he didn't get better so he went back to the emergency room and then they found out he had heart failure. My son just recently had a child and he's not even eight months old his wife cannot cook she's too young she's only 19 she can't care for him. so I had to snatch my son away because he wasnt getting better. Taking his meds late and not eating meant she didn't take care of him. Shes strapped down with the new baby. and we are so strapped for funds we have no money. we have one vehicle my husband needs it to work ,and he works 12 hours a day. The medications that my son takes are so expensive. Ive sold things. I need help. I don't know where to turn I don't want my son to know a lot of this because he has been so stressed so much has happened all at once with the birth of new baby , and moving. They then found out the place was infested with bed bugs. She doesnt clean anything. He wants to stay alive. he's been Hospital twice. Any help and suggestions would be so appreciated. thank you

  • Iyanu

    Thank you for sharing your story. I was recently diagnosed with heart failure and I am wondering the effect it will have on my job and ability to function daily. I am a 57 year old African American female and currently a full time social worker in a hospital. It's been hard these past few weeks, but encouraging to see two smiling faces with thesame diagnoses.

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