Portrait of HF Ambassador Jang.

Jang Jaswal

This San Francisco resident had his first heart attack in his mid-30s. After living with heart failure for many years, he received a heart transplant in 2013.



  • Kashyap1980
    Hi Jang, Thank you for sharing your story. Inspiring and positive. Means a lot. Thank you again for sharing your journey through difficult times all the way to being strong and fighting it out. Inspired!!
  • Diane44
    Could you tell me what qualified you to be put on the heart transplant list? My partner has severe heart disease but his cardiac doc and heart transplant team keep going back and forth as to whether he should be put on the list. Thanks for any info.
  • JoeSzzz

    Hello Jang,

      If you take 1 gram of ubiquinol every 30 mins for 1 day, your condition will improve greatly. Also try HGH in small doses to improve your heart strength as well. Hope this helps!

    God Bless and all the best!

  • leezamessey

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    i am a student of B.pharmacy and i have to make a report on heart failure patient 

    it will be se great of you if you help me by filling this survey on heart failure patient



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