HF Ambassador James portrait.

Meet James Young, AHA Heart Failure Ambassador

Poor lifestyle choices and reluctance to get medical attention nearly cost James Young, II, his life. After struggling with heart failure, the graphic designer from Detroit, Michigan, now puts a priority on his health, taking charge of risk factors he can control.   

Today, James is sharing his story with others through the Support Network, motivated by not only his experience but also the loss of his father, who died from complications of congestive heart failure and type 2 diabetes in 2014.  



  • justtimuno
    Was wondering if you had to have a defibulator implant Thanks
  • Daylee29
    Hi, I just joined this site and I'm having a very hard time navigating through it. Such as, I don't understand or even know where your story is besides the two short paragraphs above. And then there's only one comment with very little content. Can you help me out? I could really use the support. Thx, Dale
  • AHAASAKatie
    HI Daylee29, this is Katie with the AHA, please email me at SupportNetwork@heart.org and I can help you with site navigation. I am sorry you are having trouble and very glad that you posted this as we need this information to improve the site. Best Katie
  • torresfran54
    Hi James, I have read your stories and responses and feel that I can so relate you and your journey. I am a bit older than you, 63 (but don't feel it most of the time), and I too made bad choices in my life, i.e., smoking, not exercising and poor eating habits. I had a widow maker HA in October of 2017, thankfully survived, and had 3 stents put in. I have now been told by my cardiologist that my EF is at 30%, with no improvement since my HA, am considered having heart failure (which shocks me, as I don't feel like a person who has heart failure), and he highly recommends that I have an ICD transplanted because of a high risk of instant death should I have another HA. This is all too much for me to process and I thought I was handling it well, but now, after reading various articles about life expectancy and low EF, and my kind of heart problem, (where my ECO states that my systolic funtion was markedly reduced), I am all freaked out that I am not going to live longer than 5 years. Can you give me any insight on how you cope and/or any advice on how to process everything? My family is very supportive and they stand behind me and my cardiologist and I know they are doing the best to be positive, but they really have no idea of how hard it is to accept what people like us go through. I love my kids and hubby and everyone close to me, but honestly, they have no idea on what it's like to have heart failure and not knowing of what will come. Thank you in advance for your input. Struggling with the facts, but not giving up. Fran T.
  • JoeSzzz

    Hello James,

      If you take 1 gram of ubiquinol every 30 mins for 1 day, your condition will improve greatly. Also try HGH in small doses to improve your heart strength as well. Hope this helps!

    God Bless and all the best!

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