Portrait of HF Ambassador Aimee.

Aimee Rodriguez-Zepeda

A mother of three from Woodbridge, Virginia, who survived cancer and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and heart failure. Aimee was also determined not to let her CHF diagnosis stop her from pursuing her passion: motorcycle riding. Last spring, she organized a charity ride in her hometown of Woodbridge, Va. to raise awareness about HF in conjunction with the AHA. 


As an ambassador, Aimee is committed to raising awareness and providing encouragement for others dealing with HF. 



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  • 1611redgate
    Hi Aimee - thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry you have had two major health challenges - cancer and now CHF. I relate to your path as I had stage 4 Lymphoma and now Systolic & Diastolic CHF due to the radiation and chemo. My question is do your symptoms come and go? I feel crazy sometimes because I see/saw back and forth between awful days of overwhelming fatigue and days of feeling somewhat normal. I had assumed CHF would result in constant symptoms, rather than good and bad days. What has been your experience?
  • Msmichelle
    How long have you had cardiomyopathy? My husband has it .. may be genetic and a virus damaged his heart. It has been almost 3yrs. It is tough for him at times and I worry about him greatly. You message is inspiring and gives me hope for him.
  • MuppetC
    I admire your courage and hope I will be able to handle my health issues with your insight. I, too, had cancer followed several years later with heart failure and that makes me admire you even more. :o) MuppetC
  • JoeSzzz

    Hello Aimee,

      If you take 1 gram of ubiquinol every 30 mins for 1 day, your condition will improve greatly. Also try HGH in small doses to improve your heart strength as well. Hope this helps!

    God Bless and all the best!

  • jB214

    I am a retired RN since six yrs ,,,I am 77 ,,,last year I had syncope many times without warning,,I saw an interventionist cardio...he did many tests ,,angiogram,,CAT scan angio.cardiac catheter,,Holter monitor,,no DX ,,then in July I fell unconscious in the middle of the night alone ,,,no warning, hit mr head ,tore shoulder cartilage,in A & E next day, no Dx ,,passed out several times after that ,no warning 

    then Dr inserted loop recorder , heart stopping 10 seconds rushed to Hosp had CRT pacemaker inserted   5/12 ago no more syncopal attacks 

  • leezamessey

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