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WOW,can't beleive I have a Pacemaker ????

Her I am with a pacemaker/defib implant in my chest. A few months ago I would have laughed at such a thought. I thought I was a healthy 66 yr.old Alaskan. Active with my sled dogs, living a remote Alaskan life style. No real clear warning of what was to come. I was alittle tired over the last few months,but...


Hi, I am Theresa. I am 41 years old and recently received my pacemaker. I collapsed at work on December 18, 2015 and was rushed to the emergency room, admitted, and received my pacemaker on December 18, 2015. I have severe bradycardia. The flapper in my heart that sends electric currents allowing blood to flow stopped working. I was starved of oxygen to my brain for a time. I am revoering and am so thankful to God, my family, my coworkers and my cardiac team to be alive. A coworker sent me an email with the information to become acquainted with this support group. On Facebook, I have also been friended with a wonderful group who have helped me answer some questions. The site is We are the ICD support group. I am very thankful to have supprt groups as I come up with a multitude of questions. Hoping everyone is having a blessed day!

I am a new Pacemaker patient.

My life changed completely in the past 2 weeks. I am very healthy and active 53 yr old who had been having random near-syncope events for over 10 yrs. Short EKG office monitoring and a 2-week ZioPatch heart monitor never caught the episodes. On Feb. 9, a loop recorded was implanted. The very next day, the loop recorder documented a 6 second pause in my heart. My diagnosis: idiopathic transient 3rd degree AV block (rare condition still undergoing a lot of research).  I was asked to stop driving and to cease patient care (ironically, I am a healthcare professional in heart surgery) until a pacemaker was implanted (Feb. 15). I am now recovering nicely but am very unsure of what I can or cannot do. I am not allowed to drive for 2 weeks and have a lot of limitation on the use and weight-bearing of my left arm/side for 2-3 months. There is a lot to learn and a lot of adjustments to be made (both in my daily life and with my pacemaker!). I joined this group because I don't know anyone else…

New Pacemaker

Hello, everyone. I am new to this group and very glad that I found it. I have had high blood pressure for about 20 years and have been taking medication all that time. Approx two years ago I was diagnosed with paroxysmal Afib and have been taking anti-coagulants ever since. On 6/29/16 I woke up about 6 AM with chest pains, shortness of breath, and tightness in my shoulders, upper back, and chest. I had my wife drive me to the ER where I was diagnosed with a mild heart attack. The angiogram that day revealed blockages in two of my coronary arteries. Stents were placed in those arteries at that time. I returned home two days later, started cardiac rehab about three weeks later and returned to work. While at work on 8/18/16 I experienced a couple of near blackout spells and returned to the ER. Nothing showed up on the EKG to indicate what was causing the problem and I was released. I kept having the near blackouts periodically every day or two. Finally, on 8/30/16 I started having the…

Having my pacemaker/ICD removed

Ive had an ICD since 2004 when arrhythmia started to appear. It saved my life uncountable times with minor therapy delivered between 2004 and 2014. I had my first full bore unconscious then shock episode on May 14 2014 while at work. I had over 50 more between then and May 2015 when I got my new heart. Hospitals differ but my surgeon  turns off the pacemaker and cuts the wires when he does a transplant, removing the ICD between 3 and 12 months after. The reason being he doesnt want to add to the trauma and open another pocket where fluid can accumulate. Some hospitals remove the ICD with the heart. Mine is coming out early February which is a very nice thing and further distances me from the awful parts of my past. Its outpatient and I'm expecting it to be like it was when the unit was changed in 2009. Very little pain. The wires that connected it to my old heart are already gone. Has anyone else here had this done ?

ICD or Pacemaker

I have a very complicated medical history, but the most recent is after a heart infection I now have had 3 episodes of very fast, irregular heartbeats of about 20 seconds each while sleeping.  I need a new pacemaker anyway (the old one was infected and I now have a temporary).  I am being given a choice between a new pacemake and an implanted cardiac defibrillator (ICD).  I was wondeirng peoples' experience with the ICD .   I am leaning towards the pacemaker:  The ICD seems like it would significantly interfere with quality of life issues.  Any feedback would be helpful.

Pacemaker anxiety

I received a surprise pacemaker last week. I say "surprise" because I had never known there was anything wrong with my heart until I was monitored in the hospital following an exploratory abdominal surgery. I find myself very anxious and depressed, afraid I will do something to mess up the implantation or the device. Will it always hurt? Will I start to feel strong again and not so afraid of falling down? I am 65 years old and was not active before. Can I regain some strength and vigor?

Pacemaker (1)

HI. I am wondering if I should get a second opinion. Based on the attached ECG I have been recomended to have a Pacemaker installed. I have no symptoms such as dizzyness or fainting. If anyone has the required knowledge to comment that would be great as I am reluctant to have it  due to no symptoms.

Pacemaker (2)

Happy to be part of this forum. I have A-Fib my condition is called Sick Sinus Syndrome. Last year I had passed out twice and fallen. My heart rate goes very high to very low in the 30's in seconds. I was told two weeks ago that they need to put in a pacemaker now. I had it done last Monday, July 2 all went well .Hope I can fell better again. It has been a long road.

Pacemaker Recovery

Hello, I am new to this group and would appreciate any info on recovering from a pacemaker procedure. I am disabled and my husband (age 76) has been MY caregiver for many years. I don't drive and I need a lot of assistance with activities of daily living. Hubby has had electrical issues with his heart (left bundle branch block) for many years. On Labor Day, we had a very scary episode. He became lightheaded and very short of breath. Long story short, we made it home from where we were. I was able to get a caregiver in to assist me. The next day we saw our cardiologist who said he probably would need a pacemaker. He put a Zio monitor on him. After 3-4 days, we mailed it back. The results came in last Friday - episodes of very low pulse (in the high 20's). Last week he saw an electrophysiologist /cardiologist who ordered a 48 hour holter monitor which will be returned tomorrow. Hubby didn't have any episodes while wearing the holter monitor. My question…

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