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mbourn553, January 28,  2021  7:55am EST

Too many symptoms, too little patience

I have an tia in Sept 2020. Laying in bed then these numb band come back of skull over ear toward left eye, I watched my eye lid droop to my cheek then down toward lips into mouth once it hit the back of my throat it was over. All I could do was lay there. I was able to talk clearly to myself in my head. Mri brain scan is clear. 

Now I'll back up a little bit further, I have chiari malformation, a rare neurological disorder. I have over +40 symptoms that happen in random patterns all random times, never all at once though. I can't figure out what belongs with what. I stay weak all the time. I have had the worse time with doctors that I'm spooked to seek further care. I was patientdumprd from the er dec 26. Given a shot I had an adverse effect earlier in the year vaccine left me crippled for 4 days,called Dr office no doctor there no one helped me. No one is listening and my care-o-meter is on fumes right now

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, January 28,  2021  9:08am EST

    Good morning,

    Thank you for sharing your story with the support network. I'm so sorry that you're experiencing these symptoms and feeling like no one is listening, that sounds very frustrating. I recommend continuing to raise these concerns with your doctors, and I can share some TIA resources to help you learn more. Please keep us updated on how you're doing!


    The AHA Team

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