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WyldUnknown, March 24,  2020  1:00am EST

TIA Unexplained Symptoms

My dad is experiencing TIAs. Slurred speech is always the number 1 indication. Along with it comes extreme fatigue. Occaisionally there will be sharp pains in head, hand and foot. I have not read about the fatigue. Any others with these symptoms? 

3 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, March 25,  2020  9:25am EST

    I can share the information we have on TIAs with you and also the common and less common signs of a stroke.  Has your father been evaluated during one of these episodes? If not, he really should be seen by a professional asap. 

    Thank you, Katie 

  • WyldUnknown
    WyldUnknown, March 25,  2020  12:05pm EST

    Thanks Katie. Yes, he has been to the ER twice for the TIAs. In researching, I don't seem to find the fatigue symptom. When he has a TIA, he can sleep for hours afterward. Like 16 hrs one time. Just trying to determine if  the fatigue is from the TIA.

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, March 25,  2020  12:22pm EST

    Extreme fatigue is a reality of life after an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke. It sounds like for your father, this is also a part of life after stroke for him. Does the fatigue continue a day’s post TIA? Have you asked his neurologist?  IT might be a good conversation for his next appointment. thanks Katie

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