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GuyThomas, August 22,  2018  4:52pm EST

Subtle Long Term Impacts

Hi there folks :)

I had a TIA a little over a year ago and I've found it very difficult to find anyone to discuss and work through the subtle ongoing imapcts I experience.

It would be great to know if there are resources out there to cover this.

My experience feels like 

Brain Event 



Then nothing 

Your thoughts gratefully received

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, August 23,  2018  9:24am EST

    Good morning, thank you for sharing this! My family has experienced much of the same in the last few weeks as well. My mom had a TIA in July. She has multiple co-morbidities and once the majority of the symptoms resolved, it appears as if the TIA has dropped from her doctor's radar. However, she has more pronounced memory loss and confusion now than before the TIA.  I can share the patient education resources, I did find these to be helpful for me and my family over the summer. I also look forward to hearing from the community about their experiences as well. Best Katie 

  • GuyThomas
    GuyThomas, August 23,  2018  3:06pm EST

    Thanks Katie that's really helpful. Due to late diagnosis I stayed at work in high pressure role working in a complex environment which I think means professionals presume I shouldn't be able to discuss the subtle ghost like impairments.

    It feels like "look at you you're high functioning" they're cannot be a problem.

    But my family can see the difference post TIA.

    I am grateful I survived and was not hospitalised but a couple of sessions with a specialist OT and a neuro psychologist would be amazing!

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, August 23,  2018  3:27pm EST
    Willow on a monring beach walk.jpg (3).

    I am glad I could help! Love the photo with your dog, what is his/her name? We love our animals on the Support Nework, and I routinely share photos and/or stories of my four legged crew. This is Willow my two-year-old Great Prynses mix on a morning walk. Best Katie 

  • Vegas
    Vegas, August 24,  2018  12:22pm EST

    Not sure if this helps because it seems your physically okay? with only a few sessions, but stretch regularly to slow atrophy. Not the colored bands that they give you but your own weight as you apply it. Lean forward on a body ball and place your foot so it stretches the toes and put the effected hand on a desk and push or lean when you can and not look lazy.

    Think games like chess, domino's, sudoku, and mahjong can help keep the mind focused or help find patterns that are causing you problems. If you play any video games that can be a way to stay social and compete. I put clips of the new tetris and rocket league in the rehab and recovery heart section.

    What kind of work do you do? just curios. Don't have to say if you don't want to.

    Take care,


  • GuyThomas
    GuyThomas, August 25,  2018  6:10pm EST

    Hi Katie,

    He is a rescue dog. Black and tan Lancashire Heeler sort of Terrier.

    He is reactive so can't go near most animals /people.

    Willow looks wonderful

  • GuyThomas
    GuyThomas, August 25,  2018  6:12pm EST

    Thanks for the great tips Vegas. I cycle as much as I can. 

    But will definitely work on stretches and reaction and logic based games 

    I work for a trade union representing workers with employment issues

  • Vegas
    Vegas, August 25,  2018  7:38pm EST

    This is your post and don't mean to be rude but am begging you to give my disabled union idea a read, tt's part of my survivor story, blue baby and disabled union. 

    It has a lot of holes but the idea is valid and is partly based on peoples love for pets.

    Take care,

  • Vegas
    Vegas, August 30,  2018  5:33pm EST

    Just checking in. Hope everything is going well.


    Take care,

  • GuyThomas
    GuyThomas, August 31,  2018  5:28am EST

    Sorry Vegas. I've not been on here for a few days.

    What is your idea?

  • Vegas
    Vegas, August 31,  2018  7:46pm EST

    No worries, hope everything is okay.

    Patients should try to form union like guidelines with home based / family owned businesses. People can only earn up to 1,000 a month while on disability, limiting an already limited person to rely on family or friends. Even if there is a family business like a dog breeder the patient might need representation and to be compensated for their work.

    It's when the 1,000 is earned not when it is paid but if the family and the patient calculate the work time differently no benefits will be at risk. The pay days are when a male studs or when a litter is sold, maybe the pay could be based on something other than an hourly wage.

    The union would grow 1 person at a time and the compensation / union due would be donating "a puppy" in this case or other pet to another disabled person who wants to work from home and has suitable conditions.

    Fish breeders can make good livings also. If they are interested in fish and want an aquarium set-up, the set-up would have to be repaid but not sure how yet. 

    Take care,

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