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TomBroussard, August 12,  2020  11:20am EST

Inner Speech: Another Accidental Tool in Aphasia Recovery

Dear AHA/ASA Friends and Colleagues,

Talking about Inner Speech--I don’t know when I started talking to myself after my stroke (9/26/11). And I don’t know when I started remembering what it was that I was talking about.

I did keep my calendar. I also started my diary, and that was the first physical evidence of what I had been thinking.

My inner speech (as helpful as it was) would have melted away if I hadn’t saved my thoughts in various external devices…please see the complete article attached and video below.

Thanks again and take care!


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  • Vegas
    Vegas, August 21,  2020  11:11am EST

    Hey Tom, 

    Just an obsevation but think there are actual differences in the way sick vs healthy people speak,because the same words mean different things. 

    Like if a healthy person says they hate thier body vs a sick person hating the horrible gene that has given them the sickness, 1 is more rational than the other. But,if a healthy person was alwas scared of getting sick they would be paranoid. Sick people kinda live with a certain rational paranoia due to thier sickness but is still paranoia so shouldn't be considered healthy. The thing is how do we have a conversation when we are kinda speaking on different levels of the same language? 

    It's like skateboarders starting as surfers speaking in surf lingo then evolving into skate lingo and sub styles / dialects. Now surfers and skaters have no common language.  

    Also did you know sign language is taught 2 ways in England and many many multiple versions through out other cultures and languages making it harder for deaf to communicate.

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