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sdarrah, November 7,  2018  4:16pm EST



I am very discouraged and hanging on to little hope for answers. I had vertigo in Aug 2017  and balance problem when walking. Dec 2017 had rear end accident and whiplash diagnosed 5 weeks later after sudden hearing loss in left ear and shortly after that numbness on left side face and tongue, speech slurred and balance worse. Not sure if the accident caused some of the symptoms because of the previous Vertigo but had and MRI done in Mar 2018  that showed  moderate atrophy of cerebellar and also T2 hyperintense foci seen along the centrum semiovale; suggesting chronic microvascular ischemic.  Met with a Neurologist who said the report of the MRI showed normal age related changes and nothing to worry about and that he felt my symptoms would go away.  6 months later my balance is worse and  speech and handwriting problems still present.  I have been in vestibular PT and the Therapist suggesting MRI  report results and Neurologist info given to me are conflicting because balance and other central nervous symptoms that still exist.  The symptoms closely match that of either MS or a Stroke. 

UPDATE 11/7/18 NOTHING HAS CHANGED EXCEPT THE DATE............... since the above was posted I was seen by another Neuro; this time at MA General Hospital and he determined it was all inner ear related balance damage and ordered VNG/ENG balance testing.  Test done last week and results NORMAL so concluded was NOT vestibular.  Meanwhile I have every stroke symptom still existing as I type; which I can barely write, numbness on left side of tongue and face, severe balance and weakness in legs and slurred speech.  I have one last appointment tomorrow to a Vascular surgeon to evaluate me for any blockages or blood vessel problems.  After tomorrow I basically have to start all over again.  My PCP has not followed any of my care and has not given me any direction I have basically directed my own path.


I am desperately looking for help before I have irreversible damage that could have been prevented.  I truely believe the rear end car accident and whiplash caused a minor stroke after reading an article on published by the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION.  I have added the link address

Looking for any thoughts.......




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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, November 12,  2018  9:08am EST

    I am so sorry that you are still experiencing this! I am glad to see they are looking into inner ear issues. That was going to be my suggestion. I can only imagine how challenging this is for you. Please know that we are here to listen. Best Katie 

  • Vegas
    Vegas, November 21,  2018  11:40am EST

    Try to get a second opinion, seems like the Dr. is stuck on the first diagnosis. If you are getting physical therapy ask the therapist if they can recommend a new Dr., and  if they have had other cases like yours due to whiplash.


    The Me Too comparison is close because we are trying to get people to look at and talk about a scary subject without being victems so others don't go through what we did, and the level of participation is important to society. If someone had a stroke because of smoking and diet society will think they had it coming but then extend those feelings to people who were taking care of themselves. The thing is the cure can come from research on strokes in both catagories so need society to care about everyone, even if some bad choices were made.


    Hope things are getting better.


    Take care,



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