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masinolina, June 28,  2020  12:47pm EST

arm/shoulder pain

I am female 67 yrs old, had a ischemic stroke 3 months ago. How long does residual arm pain and numbness and tingling last? I have heard 3 -4 months up to years!  What can I do for upper arm and shoulder pain ? My upper arm and shoulder feel very heavy and painful at times. My movement is not affected, it just feels very heavy.  anyone else have these feelings? I could use the support of others. Thanks

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  • EmilyWhit
    EmilyWhit, July 19,  2020  11:44am EST

    For me, it cleared up soon after tPA was administerd. Within a few hours. Though age may be a facor in this (I am 28). 

    But now that you mention it, my right side does feel a little heavy, though not more painful than normal. And it doesn't affect my movement.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  • BobDehner
    BobDehner, September 8,  2020  11:21pm EST

    I would think that therapy would help with the pain and heaviness.  You should be using a lot of stretch bands and weighted ***** with PT therapy for your arm and shoulder.  I would highly recommend a neurologist opinion on your condition though.  You could have bursitis or a rotator cuff issue.  I know what this feels like with a past tear and it wasn't fun before and after surgery.  Therapy was very similar to after my stroke.

    I had a stroke on July 24, 2020.  I was completely immobile on the right side (arm and leg).  I was diagnosed with vasculitius.  It took over a week with a lot of will power (I kept lifting it with my left arm and forced myself to do it on my own) to get my right arm to move within a little over a week.  My right foot and ankle are numb and tingling, but I can walk w/o a walker or a wheelchair.  I just started to move my right toes mid last week, but the tingling and pain are very pronounced.  I go to an outpatient therapy center 3 days a week.  When I'm done there, I'm just flat out worn out.  

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