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TomBroussard, January 14,  2021  1:48pm EST

Aphasia Recovery and Language Repair: Darning the Damaged Neural Fabric from a Stroke

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Over the years since my stroke and aphasia (loss of language), I have continued to educate the public about how the brain works and repairs itself using metaphorical stories about stroke and aphasia recovery.

When I was young, my mom would repair my socks using a traditional sewing technique for repairing holes called darning. It is often done by hand with simple stitches that are woven into rows to fill up the **** or worn area.

I began to see the common denominator between repairing socks and repairing language. Once I read about darning and “restoring the fabric to its original integrity” I was fascinated about the similarity between darning and repairing the neural fabric from a stroke.

The language activities themselves are the “needle and thread” of neural darning after the damage from a stroke. Repairing one’s language is “darn” tough and requires much more work (and practice) with various language activities (reading, writing, speaking) that induce neural plasticity, the foundation of all learning.

Please see my YouTube and the associated article!

Thanks…have a great aphasia day!


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