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Kvee73, October 8,  2019  1:22pm EST

Worried about a Medication

Hi there.  I had my stroke in February of 2017.  I have severe osteoporosis and my Endocrinologist wants me to go on a new drug called Eventiy. This drug was initially turned down for approval by the FDA, they finally received it by agreeing it wouldn't be prescribed to anyone that had stroke or cardiac event with the year.   However, it has a black box warning that it can increase risks of strokes and heart attacks.

I'm really scared of this, I know the first year is the most risky, but also have been told I am still at an increased risk of having another.  Not only that, but family history is poor in that regard.

i don't want to break another bone, but I am more afraid of another stroke.  Doctor thinks it ok since it's been more than a year.  Anyone else side with me on this?

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  • Matthew1
    Matthew1, October 8,  2019  2:01pm EST


    Im very sorry to read about your difficulty. It’s a tough thing. As far as medical advice, I’m not qualified to give that to you. If I was in the same situation I may seek a second opinion if you’re unsure about treatment. When I had my stroke, I sought numerous opinions and it gave me piece of mind. I hope this helps. Stay strong! 

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