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smiller781, December 23,  2018  12:39pm EST

Vision loss from stroke

I had my stroke on Oct 5th and was in the hospital until Oct 9th.  Then a TIA on Nov 5.  The only damage I have, besides feeling ungrounded from coordination, is vision damage.  But it is so unique I can't find anyone who has had this.  Instead of being blacked out, it is just a smeared path.  It's disorienting because you can't tell where the real thing ends and the smeared part starts.  And images and patterns and logos are duplicated into that area.  And right where the upper left blind quadrant meets the center point o f vision there are pixels and dots.  All of this is excaserbated in bright light, sunshine fleurescent lights, etc.  And it pulls any bright liight and creates a costant lamp like orange light higher up and to the left.  I have a hard time grocery shopping in the lights.  Walking through the mall is near impossbile.  Plus after the stroke my right eye is much weaker then my left eye even though the astigmatisms are the same size and is very blurry causing double vision.  My neuro optomotrist prescribed prisms to help with the double vision and tint to help with the photo-phobia and hyper-sensitivity to light. But this pattern glow will put me in the mad house for sure.  If I am watching TV and there is a close up of someone's face, there upper forehead skin and hair is duplicated just a little up and to the left.  If it's not a face and just trees or something then it's a smeared spot.  There is always some type of pattern glow going on there.  My neuro optomotrist might do some kind of Vision Therapy called syntonics.  I hope this helps something.  Just cannot find anyone with this experience to talk with about it.

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  • KimRamhulas
    KimRamhulas, December 25,  2018  11:36am EST

    Every stroke difference but hang there.its a rough to recovery.In my other life  never expected things are so different and rough.We taken life for granted now we other challenges head us let up started making  the chance for the new me.Thank you 

  • Nancyl1117
    Nancyl1117, December 29,  2018  2:14pm EST

    I'm sorry you're going through that! Thank God the neuro eye doctor can try to help! I already had macular degeneration in one eye, mainly the center. After the stroke, it was peripheral as well and lost my license. Also, both eyes are having diabetic problems now. (I'm 66 so that's part of it) So, apparently strokes can have an effect on the eyes. I didn't know much about this. 

    You are very fortunate to have the neuro doctor help you! Try whatever they have to offer! New things are always being developed!  

  • Godbless123
    Godbless123, January 16,  2019  11:32pm EST


    i am caregiver to a loved one who has vision problem but not exactly what you described. How you are doing now? Are things improving?

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