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Lampmode, July 9,  2019  7:06pm EST

Testing to determine date of stroke

My dad just had a stroke. It happened when he was in the hospital and it went undiagnosed for a week and a half. 5 days after his release he had to be rushed to the hospital because he was hallucinating again. This is when they found the Stroke. My question is, are there any tests that can determine around when the stroke took place? We have his behavioral changes documented from when he was in the hospital but we are try to see if we can determine when it happend. I believe the hospital to be culpable in all of this and my dad is going to need long term care as a result of the brain damage he suffered. 


Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

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    JOAQUIN, July 9,  2019  7:44pm EST

    Dear Lamp,

    Regrettably, I'm not finding any information on determining the onset time of a stroke, when weeks have elapsed. Days? Yes! An MRI could prove helpful.

    There may be medical papers on the subject you are seeking, but the only access to those is through your dad's personal physician. Does your dad have a  Primary Care Physician? If so, I would inquire if you might have a peek at the journal[s] he/she subscribes to.

    Be prepared: there are somewhere near 50,000 medical journals available to the medical profession. Most GP's subscribe to 10% [+/-] of those.

    Please keep us informed of what you might find.

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