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Jenni45, January 13,  2021  2:19am EST

Stroke survivor

I am a 44 year old female and I had a stroke. I was in total shock that this could happen to me, I was in good shape I worked out every day and **** it just happened. I am about 6 months out now and I still have some effects from the stroke. I'm here to see what kind of issues others have and what's normal. I need  to just know I'm not the only one who feels strange sometimes 🙂

3 Replies
  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, January 13,  2021  10:50am EST

    Good morning,

    You have been through a great deal and I am really glad you've chosen to reach out to the Support Network for advice. I'd like to share some resources with you on Life After Stroke and on the Effects of Stroke

    Please know that you are not alone and that we are here to help you through this time. 

    Best Wishes, 

    The AHA Team

  • MattP
    MattP, January 13,  2021  11:37am EST

    Hi Jenni45,

    I had an ischemic stroke in 2014, and I was treated "within the window" of 3 hours with tPA--thank god. I recovered the use of the left side of my body, but I was thunderstruck afterwards. It literally felt like I'd been struck by lightning, and every drop of energy had been depleted from every cell. My research told me that this was common for major physical traumas, and it did take me months to "recharge" again.

    Physically, the only remaining symptom is an occasional very slight numbness in a few ****** nerves around my left eye, cheek, and upper lip. No drooping or paralysis, I can still move them fine and no one else notices, but it's an unsettling feeling that comes and goes seemingly at random.

    Psychologically, I feel strange plenty of times. I'm aware I have some PTSD related to it. My anxiety ramps up quickly when I feel lightheaded, even if I'm conciously aware that there are a number of reasons that this could happen: low blood sugar, a dip in blood pressure, sitting or standing and then changing position (orthostatic hypotension), etc. And the slight numbness I mentioned above. All worry me, and I have to rein in my fears with some quick mindfulness meditation and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) questions: "why assume catastrophe? You didn't have even a second of warning before. Isn't this far more likely your overall blood pressure, high or low? Let's do some squats, get the blood moving..." That kind of thing.

    What are you feeling, physically or emotionally, Jenni45?

  • Ttbleyden
    Ttbleyden, January 24,  2021  10:02am EST

    You are not alone.  Remember to look at the positive. - stroke survival started immediately.  Mark your achievements not what you could do before the stroke but what you can do now since the stroke. Dont forget to take care of the mental & emotional you. The physical one can adapt if need be.  Take it step by step. 

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