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rodneylynn77, December 28,  2018  9:50am EST

Stroke July 1st w/ right sided weakness and facial droop

I had a pretty bad stroke on July 1st at age 41

I had pretty prominate right sided weakness and right sided facial droop.  I was in the hospital for 7 days, I have recovered very nicely with most of my weakness and dexteriety back but I find my self getting very tired at the end of my work day and have quite a bit of anxiety.

I find that having my headphone on helps alot and staying real busy,  

Can I expect to make even more progress?  Needing some suggestions dealing with the anxiety

My DR has released me to start working Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri with wednesday off to help get some much needed rest

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    JOAQUIN, December 29,  2018  7:09pm EST

    Hi Rodney,

    My wife [67] experienced a "pontein stroke" on November 27th. She has regained almost all of her faculties; still has a slight difficulty with recollection [memory]. When she takes her time, instead of tryying to speak "pre November 27", she comes across as almost perfect. Remember Rodney, small steps. Take your time! You're a young man with a long life ahead of you. If my wife can make such a remarkable turn-around, I know that you most certainly can too. I'm in the learning stage of trying to understand more about strokes. I came upon a book that I'd like to tell you about.

    It's called, "My Stroke of Insight", by Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D. I got mine at Goodwill for less that $2.00! Jill is a neuroanatomist and in the late 1990's, she experienced a stroke. She invested 6 years getting back her memory and motor/sensory skills. I'm just beginning the book; I've found it fascinating and Jill an absolute hero.

    BTW, Jill did a brief TED Talk on her illness. You can watch it here:

    Take care of yourself, Rodney!


  • KAMB50
    KAMB50, December 31,  2018  12:15pm EST

    It will get better!

    I had a stroke July of 2017. I went back to the hospital a couple of weeks later thinking I was having another one, but it was anxiety. Things DO get better with time. After my stroke I was very tired. I'd say it was about 9 months later that I started feeling more normal. I do still get tired more easily, but it's nothing like it was. Also, I too notice my symptoms less (and keep anxiety at bay), by keeping busy. Hang in there!

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