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nclair11, January 1,  2021  11:13am EST

New Year

Its a New Year, good bye to 2020. A year where politics and Covid were daily topics and where the environment and racial tensions were around every corner and to add to that I threw a Stroke into the mix, lucky me. I am a 65 year old male who on June 15th was at work when I lost control of the right side of my body. I have a history of blood disorders including high blood pressure and high cholesterol and a factor 5 clotting issue. I have been taking medications for all of these conditions for years and even when cost (no insurance) became a obstacle I always found a way to maintain my prescriptions prescribed by my doctors. Through all that I still had the dreaded STROKE which I hoped to avoid, lucky me! I guess I should be asking a question but my experience has made it pretty clear the reason I had a stroke and the hope for recovery is a bit of a mystery because everyone is different. Thank you for letting me vent, have a safe and heathly NEW YEAR !!!!!

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  • AHAKellie
    AHAKellie, January 2,  2021  11:29am EST

    Thanks so much for sharing your story and your experience, and kudos on having such a positive outlook. Happy New Year to you, too, and please come back anytime you need to vent, ask questions, or give advice to others.


  • badlands
    badlands, January 5,  2021  2:58pm EST

    nclair...I understand your frustration. Like you, I was treating my high cholesterol and high blood pressure and faithfully took those meds every day. In May of 2019 I had a TIA. That added a daily aspirin to my routine. However, that turned out to be a mistake, as in Sept, 2019 I had a major stroke which took out my right side. However, despite every test in the book, no one could find a reason for my strokes other than to call them cryptogenic strokes (meaning we haven't a clue). Fortunately, I live in the outskirts of Boston and got second and third opinions. Finally, a neurolgist at MGH found the answer. I was blessed with a rare blood disorder, APS syndrome, which can cause random blood clots anywhere, at any time. I was immediately put on warfarin as the aspirin was a mistake. Perhaps your doctors have had you tested for APS, but it might be a good question to ask as many doctors are unfamiliar with that syndrome. Another thing I found from an APS group I belong to is to get a blood draw, not a finger prick, as finger prick reading are not accurate for this disorder. Good luck and if any doctor uses the word cryptogenic, its time to get another opinion. :)

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