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AdminJack, August 19,  2019  6:05pm EST

New perspective

Hi there.  I'm new to stroke experience as if 12 Aug 19, it will be one week tomorrow that I woke up and could not speak properly, then discovered other signs of impairment.  I waited a couple of days then had to go to the ER and was diagnosed with an ischemic stroke primarily left sided. 


Just want to interject I used to touch-type accurately around 100wpm.  No longer, just to get to here has taken 10+ minutes, so frustrating!


That's my intro.  I'm in the Denver, CO area, howdy! *smile*

7 Replies
  • Matthew1
    Matthew1, August 19,  2019  6:29pm EST

    Thank you for reaching out. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. I am also a stroke survivor so there’s no need to ever apologize for taking extra time to complete tasks. The important thing is that YOU DID IT!!  All milestones are reason to be proud. I assume you’re in therapy. If so, work hard each day and celebrate all milestones. Be patient. Recovery can take a long time. My advice would be to work as hard as you can to be the best YOU  that you can be. There are millions of people who are rooting for you!!!!!!!!!!

  • AdminJack
    AdminJack, August 19,  2019  7:07pm EST

    This is my first exploration of recovery options so, no, not in therapy as of yet.  Besides learning heaps of humility, this is the first crisis of independence, meaning not being able to 'fake' being "normal". 


    I'm feeling a lot of new things and don't know what to do with them, I feel rather overwhelmed a lot, sorry for the bad diction.

  • Matthew1
    Matthew1, August 19,  2019  7:24pm EST

    I understand. If you can, contact clinics that provide therapy for stroke survivors as soon as you can. It’s important to begin and get the recovery process moving. If you’re in a hospital, ask them to help find you a clinic thats convenient for you. Remember, it’s completley normal to have many different feelings. Perhaps talking to a therapist or social worker can help sort out your feelings. 

  • jcort01
    jcort01, October 3,  2019  2:34pm EST

    HI, I had a similar experience on the exact same day, August 12, 2019 I was letting my dog outside and my right hand went completely numb. It lasted about a minute then I was unable to speak. I tried calling my dog in the house (I was on my way to work) and i couldn't get any words out. I walked upstairs and called my neighbor, fortunately he knew it was me by the number and he called 911. Paramedics were in my kitchen within 10 minutes of all this happening and I was admitted into the hospital. They ran all the tests and cannot find where the clot came from. They told me because I acted so quickly there was minimal damage but they did find evidence of a prior stroke, a very large one across the back of my brain. This one left a tiny enfark on the left side, doctors are concerned now about prevention and say I am a prime candidate for another stroke to come! All of this is so overwhelming, thanks for listening.

  • Kvee73
    Kvee73, October 8,  2019  1:11pm EST

    Hi, although it has been over 2 years, I woke up like you did, unable to speak and right arm weak.  I still struggle with a lot of things.  Many people say they wouldn't know I had a stroke.  Sometimes that makes feel feel good that it is not obvious, however it can also frustrate me, that they don't know how I struggle.


  • Stressedout
    Stressedout, November 22,  2019  6:04pm EST

    My husband had a stroke on August 20,2019. He suffered primarily speech and language disruption. It's been hell for both of us and not sure we will be able to make it. Much worse than I expected it to be. Although there has been progress thru therapy, I miss him and being able to share conversation.  We have had a few really bad moments, and I've left, but came back. I need a break but don't see any coming. I need support too!

  • BarryK
    BarryK, November 23,  2019  4:38pm EST

    Hi Streesedout.  I know how you feel!  My wife suffered a stroke on June 30, 2019 which not only affected her speech ability but her whole left side.  We have progressed from Intensive Care (didn't know if she would live or die for 4 days) to intubation.  She progressed out of ICU to our Neuro Heart and Stroke Intesive Care Unit, to a Heart and Stroke Ward and on October 23rd was transferred to a Rehab Hospital.  Over this time she has progressed to being able to talk (can't speak like normal) to just the other day, with help from her Physical Therapist she took her first real steps.  It has been and will be a long road.  I'm the primary care giver and I know I need breaks but it is hard to do so.  When I have the support of her sisiter who lives out of town I have been able to take 2 "mini holidays" i.e. time away and plan another short one over the Christmas time.  Many, including her therapists, have told me if i don't take care of myself I can't take care of my wife.  So find a support group and somehow find a way to take some time for yourself, and don't feel guilty about it (one of those things that's easy to say but so hard to do).  Both of you will come through this.

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