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saragreer17, September 8,  2019  4:58pm EST

New Here :)

Hello all, I am an occupational therapy student at the University of Kansas Medical Center. I am currently working with a man who had a stroke about a year ago. I am hoping to come on this site and listen and learn from all of you if you do not mind! If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to let me know!

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  • JimSinclair
    JimSinclair, September 12,  2019  5:44am EST

    We are most pleased that you have found us and recognize that those of us with lived experience have something of value to offer. While this group is designed as a place where support may be found for those seeking support, it also is a place where many of us are able to utilize the skills and abilities that we do we do have. You may find that you can do more than listen and learn. I for one would welcome any questions you may have regarding our posts. I am certain that any assistance we provide you in your journey to become an occupational therapist will only lead to improved service to others in our position.

  • king48billy
    king48billy, September 18,  2019  12:35am EST

    My name is William Spells.


    I am a a stroke surviors who suffered a massive pediatric stroke at the age of two years old.


    According to the doctors (1948) I was brain damaged and given six months to live. I celebrated my 73rd birthday this year.



    Presently writing my memior;..



    Excited to join the support group.


  • saragreer17
    saragreer17, September 19,  2019  9:45pm EST

    Thank you Jim, I look forward to learning from all of you and interacting with you here! Thank you so much for the warm welcome. 

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