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Rosebud55, November 16,  2020  4:44pm EST

My stroke

My name is Rosemary Desris. I am basically a health nut . Walk every morning 3 miles . Don't drink or smoke . Am a vegetarian.  On March 30 of 2020 I was dressing for my walk . Suddenly my left leg felt like a noddle . And I fell . I was able to get up the first few times . I did not know what was wrong. I thought all strokes your face went numb and mine didn't.  I told my husband I keep falling . He suggested I stay seated . When I said maybe its a stroke . He , being Mr. Optimistic,  that nothing will happen to me. Despite my asthma.  Didn't agree . My daughter called me and I just mentioned what was happening to me.  She is a RN and I don't remember her coming to my home.  I do remember her and her son and my husband putting me in the car . And racing to hospital . I remember being in mri machine and some one stabing me in the stomach with needle.  And having to pee constantly . They forgot me and left me on a pan . I called my daughter and they all got in trouble . She is the boss . Next thing I remember is being in an ambulance.  I thought I was going home . No one told me where I was going . Then I was in a nursing home or so I thought . It was Banner Rehab.  And I was attached by doctors . And therapists.  I had a ball ? And threw it at them with my right hand , not my left . I was so scared and hated my daughter for putting me away. She is in charge of that .it was rehab and I loved it as I found out I could make my leg move and my arm . They were so nice I forgave my daughter . I can now walk , talk and throw my ball . I have an important question for anyone though.  

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  • JimSinclair
    JimSinclair, November 17,  2020  6:13am EST

    Rosemary, as a quick initial response, Welcome to this support group. It seems that you immediately learned at least four important things. It sometimes takes a while to realize what we do not know what we can not do until we try to do something and find we can not do it, this is a life of learning new things such as when you fall stay down, not all strokes are the same with every person’s stroke being unique in certain ways, and Family support  and the support of others is very important in this journey of recovery.

    Also, what was your question?

  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, November 28,  2020  9:41am EST

    Dear Rose,

    Thanks so much for sharing your story.

    As your experience shows, Thank God for the Optimists...

    BTW... What was the question you wanted to ask?

    It's A Great Day To Be Alive...


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