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jryder63, February 15,  2021  12:33pm EST

Muscle stiffness frustrations


I had an ischemic stroke at 57 that effected my left side. My main complaint has been muscle stifness/spasms from my shoulder area down to my hip and knee.  It's been over a year (13 month) since my stroke, I've had two rounds of PT, but still these issues persist. 

Has anyone found other sources of relief for muscle stiffness/spasms? Sometimes the spasms are so bad I can feel my shoulder trying to roll forward or the muscles around my hip, lower back and **** tightening without me doing anything.


I'm grateful my after effects weren't worse, but this stuff limits my ability to participate in life. 



5 Replies
  • Ilovedogs
    Ilovedogs, February 15,  2021  12:44pm EST

    My muscular pain was similar.  I had accupuncture, or all things, done.  I helped a lot.

  • axnr911
    axnr911, February 15,  2021  5:59pm EST

    Hi Jon--I had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago.  I would get leg spasms at night that kept me from sleeping.  The only thing that worked for me was CBD oil drops under the tongue when the spasms hit. (Chocolate mint tasted the best to me.) CBD oil is not hallucinogenic or habit forming. I 'd start with 20 mg. ( I'm 125 lbs.) I would hold it under my tongue for about a minute and then swallow if any was left.  It usually took about 1/2 hour to an hour to stop the spasms.  Occasionally it didn't work, so I would take another 20 mg.  That always worked.  (I've read that it's ok to take more if that didn't work-- whatever the reason for taking, to start low, 8-20 mg, and increase until you find the right dosage to make it work.  You should check with your doctor to make sure it's ok with them.  I checked with my GP and cardiologist--both ok with it.  My GP said she had a lot of patients that used it.  She couldn't make recommendations as it's not approved yet.  It's a little expensive and you want to be sure you get it from a reputable outfit.   (I get mine on line at Ancient Life Oils)  The first year I used it often, and  @$100 worth would last me about a month or two.   But as time went by, the frequency of the spasms lessened and I used it less. Now I rarely get a spasm, but I always keep the CBD by my beside.   When I occasionally get a spasm (maybe once  a month if I overdo) , the same amount does the trick.  I can't say enough for it.  It also helped in another way.  I had alot of anxiety after my stroke and insomnia, and it helped with that.    I don't know if one should drive while taking it--you can research that. I usually used it at night, so it wasn't an issue.   Sometimes I needed it during the day and while I didn't feel sleepy or anything I still  had my husband drive,  just to be on the safe side.  Jon, I hope you'll feel better soon.  Love, Jeanne

    JOAQUIN, February 15,  2021  8:49pm EST

    Hello Jon!

    I would suggest that you get recommendations for a massuse! No kiddin'! Do you have a chiropractor that you usually go to for healing help?

    They can do wonders with physical pain and stiffness. You can also contact [or do a Google search for] your local school for "massage therapy". Many are "wholistic healing massuse", who are registered & licensed through the state in which you live. You should try to find a licensed massuse if at all possible, to protect yourself. Finding someone who is learning or graduating from an accredited school offers some benefits. You can probably negotiate the fee schedule and, perhaps, just perhaps, you'll find someone male/female who live not far from your home! They come to you with the massage table, the oils and even music, if you wish!

    If you are close to a YMCA or a local pool, you might look into "water aerobics". Your body weighs less in water, taking the stress off of your skeletal system and muscles. Besides, it's great to meet others with similar conditions...and you never know who you might meet..."God works in mysterious ways..."

    Hope this helps, Jon. Please keep us posted on your progress.

  • jryder63
    jryder63, February 17,  2021  7:39pm EST

    Thanks everyone for the comments!

  • McKaren
    McKaren, February 22,  2021  4:14pm EST

    My husband gets some relief from taking Baclofen.

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