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TEAMGUZMAN, January 14,  2019  11:12am EST
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Monday Blessings

Hi Everyone! Just checking in, and peeping over the fence to see how everyone is doing today! Here in New Jersey it is very cold!

This morning it was 27 degrees! Since my stroke, I really feel the cold a bit more! Have any of you become sensitive to temperature?

I am always cold! Especially my affected right hand..There are days were I have to wear a mitten or glove at work! LOL

Please reach out if you would like to chat! We are all in this together!

Have a great week!

Blessings, Toni

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  • TimJ34
    TimJ34, January 14,  2019  1:42pm EST

    Toni, cold here on Long Island,NY.. I had my stroke in september and I agree with you, I can feel the cold in my left foot more during this cold weather. I assume that it is normal being it affects the nerve endings

    TEAMGUZMAN, January 14,  2019  3:52pm EST

    Hi Tim! How are you doing? Iagree, I am so much more sensitive to temperature! Sometimes even when I am in the house or at work, my affected hand gets super cold.

    I hope this messge finds you doing well. I am a Community Leader here on the Support Network, as well as a Stroke Survivor (cryptogenic stroke). I am glad to hear from you!

    Stay warm and reach put whenver you woild like to chat or just say hello!


    Take care, Toni

    JOAQUIN, January 21,  2019  4:39pm EST

    Hi Toni!!

    I lived in New Jersey for over 25 years...born in Newark [but don't hold that against me!)

    My wife experienced a "pontein stroke" in late November. We were looking for some help once she was out of the hospital. We came to "Google Search".

    Doing a search, I found this American Heart Association message board. Even if you are still recouperating at home, there are still a lot of ways to reach out. Are there support groups in your area? Do a Google search to find out! We have found that poeple who are "in the same boat" go overboard [pun intended!] to help other people like them. I've subscribed to this message board. I will help anyone who asks, if I can.

    Lastly, permit me to recommend a book for everyone to read: MY STROKE OF INSIGHT" by Jill Bolte Taylor, PH.D. She has done a TED talk on her stroke and how she has been doing. If you're interested in watching the TED Talk, here is the link:

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