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StrokeDetect, January 2,  2019  4:30pm EST

Looking to connect with Ischemic Stroke or TIA patients

I am part of a team at Imperative Care (makers of clot removal catheters) doing research to develop a STROKE DETECTOR/ALERT SYSTEM. I am interested in connecting with patients like you to learn about your stroke experience. I am located in the Bay Area, and it would be great to connect in-person, but we could also talk over the phone. Please let me know if you are interested in talking with me.  Please reach out to me directly at:  I look forward to hearing from you!  Thank you, Mike

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  • JimSinclair
    JimSinclair, January 8,  2019  5:50am EST

    Mike,On December 24,2003 I experienced massive bi-lateral strokes following emergency hip replacement surgery. Based on all the empirical evidence doctors informed my family that it was not expected that I would survive the night,

    Fifteen years later I still believe that I survived for a reason and did so with a certain skill set intact. For all of us who participate in this support network who struggled with or are still struggling with issues of self image or feelings of worthlessness Mike   is offering us an opportunity to contribute to something which could possibly of great value. Being able to speak after there was a brief time when I could not I will  be most pleased to talk to him on the phone about anything and everything related to my strokes,

  • StrokeDetect
    StrokeDetect, January 11,  2019  12:59pm EST

    Thank you for the support Jim, I hope we can come up with a solution that will prevent people from suffering like you did.

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