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LatteLand, September 8,  2020  4:48pm EST

Information Needed

Hello All 66 year old male

Do not know if this is the right forum but certainly do need some help and information. In September 2018 I suffered a stroke which has resulted in my right arm directionally challenged. My right leg is NOT totally ok and my balance is rather compromised so mobility has been an issue   

Try my daily 2 to 5 mile walks without and with a cane which I believe has helped.  Luckily, I am left handed which is a big boon.

Was grossly overweight - have lost 110 pounds so weight is no longer an issue.

Was dealing with Diabetes Type 2 - but now off all insulin injections - Only 2 tabs of MetFormin. A1c is below 6

2 heart stents 15 years ago. Thus far no symptoms of note.

Unfortunately, in February of  2020 I was diagnosed with BLADDER CANCER after a slew of  in-*****, chemotherapy sessions have been told that  removal of the complete bladder is the most viable solution.

Need some information from somebody that is similarly dexterity challenged and has had this major surgery.

Luckily, my wife is my primary caregiver and I do not want to burden her more that necessary

Have connected with 2 bladder cancer survivor volunteers BUT they were exceedingly physically fit.  One had trained for 'iron-man', so not a suitable example. 

Any information or help will be greatly appreciated.  



2 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 9,  2020  9:54am EST

    Good morning, I am so sorry that you & your wife are having to manage this. Let me do a bit of research and see if I can help find a good response for you. Best Katie

  • LatteLand
    LatteLand, September 10,  2020  1:27pm EST

    Thanks Katie. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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