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jerzeycate, November 17,  2020  7:23am EST
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Coming Out of the Dark...

In April, during an AFib episode, I had an Occular Stroke that left me legally blind. With my vision at 20/400 I have been unable to write or to even read and respond to poosts. I found an eye surgeon who was willing to work with me. They found I had caaracts slong with some damage to my retinas from the Stroke.

Last Tuesday I had surgery on my right eye. The procedures lasted 3 hours.

Whhen they took the the bandage off my eye I began to cry. Where there had been just blobs of colors and shapes there were now people. People with actual faces. Faces with eyes and noses and lips and teeth and wringles...

After 7 months of being legally blind (20/400) in my right eye my vision in that eye is now 20/30--nearly perfect. I'm like a young child who has just learned to read. I read everything. Outloud. The smaller the letters the better. My father, who is visiting for a month to help during my surgeres, just laughs. "Next," he said "Next you'll be reading me the phone book." My young neice, looking quite puzzled, asked "What's a phonebook." lol

Next Tuesday thw doctor will operate on my left eye. This eye sufferred less damage but, since the right eye is repaired I now realize it was impacted much more than I realized. So, instead of fearing the procedures, I am very excited about the prospect of seeing the world with resstored vision and a remewed heart very soon.

I've missed being here and hope all are well.

Please, even when you have been stable for awhile, never underestimate your disease/disorder. We never know wher it will come out of the dark and strike us down once again.

No Matter What life Brings... Never Give Up. You can Scream, cry, argue...But you Must Never Give Up...

It's A Great Day To Be Alive...

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, November 17,  2020  9:37am EST

    Welcome back!!! We are so glad to hear from you :) Best Katie

  • Caroline65
    Caroline65, November 28,  2020  2:29pm EST

    Great to hear of this, since I have been legally blind in my left eye since 2017, after a stroke almost like yours. My eye doctors never mentioned surgery, but I do have catracts. Next time I will mention your case and see what they say. I am optimistic with your recovery. Thanks for sharing.

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