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edwinvolley, September 26,  2019  4:15pm EST

brain fog

good afternoon, after my ischemic stroke i've been experiencing what is commonly reffered to as "brain fog"is this something that will dissipate with time? thanks and regards.

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  • OtterAnnie
    OtterAnnie, September 26,  2019  4:32pm EST

    I had some weird things with confusion until year 2 after stroke.brain and memory perfect now but leg and arm not coming back too good-its been 5 years since my stroke and im 56 in otherwise good health.

  • Kanndiaz1
    Kanndiaz1, September 27,  2019  1:08am EST

    Hello edwinvolley, i had an ischemic stroke 6 years ago and thankfully the brain fog went away.  I occasionally  feel the brain fog if I am tired or have too much external stimulation happening. (Like at my sons school or grocery shopping).  Hang in there, things get better. 

  • Kanndiaz1
    Kanndiaz1, September 27,  2019  1:20am EST

    Hi annie, im not sure of your exact situation but after my ischemic stroke 6 years ago I experienced complete left side hemiparesis head to toes.  Got the leg back first then shoulder and elbow.  Have some very limited movement with wrist and fingers. Still working on that though. I really found NMES very helpful in getting enough muscle strength to help facilitate using weight machines. I dont believe its ever too late to regain the use of your limbs. Dont ever give up trying. The road to recovery is a long one but we will all make it.

  • OtterAnnie
    OtterAnnie, September 27,  2019  10:49am EST

    Its been 5.5 years since my stroke and my leg and arm barely coming back.-ive spent thousands and thiusands on pt.has anybody ever had any improvement after 5 years?ive been told after 2 years ive gotten back all im gonna get back

  • edwinvolley
    edwinvolley, September 27,  2019  12:39pm EST

    thank you kanndiaz1 and otterannie for your quick responses... did any of you experienced different sensation on your affected leg, like hypersensitivity... did it improve?

    keep at it, we can't stop!

  • OtterAnnie
    OtterAnnie, September 27,  2019  7:37pm EST

    The tight muscle tone should ease up a lot after the 2nd year.ask your doctor if baclafin pills will help you.i cant live without my baclofin pills and the good thing is they are not bad for your liver or kidneys

  • Matthew1
    Matthew1, October 4,  2019  10:13am EST

    Hello, I’m sorry to hear this. You and I have a lot in common. I suffered an ischemic stroke 3 years ago and spent much of that time in a “fog”. It happened primarily when I was tired. You must be patient. It can dissipate but that takes time. Sleep, moving your body, and keeping mentally sharp (crossword puzzles, conversations, word searches) can certainly help. Give it time. This process is long and unpleasant. Listen to your body. I find the best medicine is SLEEP. 

  • edwinvolley
    edwinvolley, October 8,  2019  11:15am EST

    thank you so much Matthew1, i agree with you completely and hope you have recovered well! all the best,edwin

  • edwinvolley
    edwinvolley, October 15,  2019  10:19am EST

    hello OtterAnnie, I personally know an individual that took 7 years but achieved a full recovery, also try to read 'my stroke of insight 'by JIll Bolte Taylor, she is a neuro scientist from harvard that had a massive stroke and after 8 years she has fully recover as well.... as difficult as it is we have to believe that there is no timeline for our recovery, yes, some are more fortunate and have a lot of spontaneous recovery in the first 2 years, but that can't discourage us, we have no other option but to keep fighting!!

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